1 December 2010

Giorgio Gaslini Quintet + RAI Orchestra - Live in Milan '80

One of the best line-up ever led by Giorgio Gaslini, officially
documented in the OOP Live at the Public Theater in New York
(Dischi della Quercia - 2Q 28009).

Rec. live at "Conservatorio G.Verdi", Milan, Italy, on February 13,
1980 (radio broadcast)

Giorgio Gaslini,piano,composer,conductor
Gianluigi Trovesi,alto & soprano sax,bass clarinet
Gianni Bedori,tenor & soprano sax
Marco Vaggi,bass
Gianni Cazzola,drums
(1-5) RAI Orchestra

1. Afro (06:10)
2. Ellingtoniana [Day Dream/Don't Get Around Much Anymore] (12:54)
3. Parkeriana [Lover Man] (07:13)
4. Jopliniana [Stoptime Rag] (02:22)
5. Monkiana [Ruby, My Dear/'Round Midnight/Let's Call This/
Straight No Chaser] (08:45)
6. Assalto Al Castello (19:55)
7. Swing Low, Sweet Charlie (07:35)
8. Mexico City Free (08:06)

Total Time 1:13:04


riccardo said...

mp3 (162 MB)

flac (436 MB) :
part1 part2 part3

SOTISE said...

Thanks ,a lot Riccardo .. theres not much unnoficial Gaslini material floating around ... i love his music ! .. having discovered an old lp by accident years ago .... the Black Saint/Soul Note Gaslini Intergrale series is Magnificent !

I have live at the Public theatre on lp, if you or anyone needs an upgrade from mp3's ... also the album that turned me on to Gaslini.. which in my version is titled-"Jean Luc Ponty meets Giorgio Gaslini" from 73, i dont think that was the name of the original release .. i'll check to see if it has been reissued .. its a beauty ..Gas with Oxley , Lacy Rutherford , Ponty , Bedori Beckett .. i guess you probably already have that ..eh
please consider Upping more live material if you have it!!

Another one i'd like to recommend to people is Aylers wings a solo set on Soulnote which is a rich imaginative tribute To Albert.. truly Magnificent!!

look forward to this thanks again!

riccardo said...


"Jean Luc Ponty meets Giorgio Gaslini" was previously
issued as "Fabbrica Occupata" (1974 - Produttori Associati PA/LP 51) and, fortunately, reissued in "L'integrale n. VII
e VIII".

Certainly some other Gaslini in the future.

kinabalu said...

New Links:



onxidlib said...

Thank you kinabalu - didn't know about it before the request was made.
I've bought the Gaslini box last year and I have enjoyed it very much.
So I'm sure this broadcast will delight me as well. Takk!

kinabalu said...


Ilario Rozen said...

Hi Kinabalu
many many thanks

Ilario Rozen said...

Hi kinabalu
the link not is Gaslini, but
Charles Gayle Quintet - Live in S.Anna Arresi '10


onxidlib said...

Hi Ilario - the file name is for Charles Gayle Quintet - Live in S.Anna Arresi '10.
But the music is from Giorgio Gaslini.

kinabalu said...

Now that was funny. The Adrive link leads to Charles Gayle, quite rightly, but the Mega link is correct. Sorry about that. To avoid further confusion, I've added a correct Adrive link.


Ilario Rozen said...

Hi Friends

the link is ok, many many thanks