17 December 2010

Bali- divertissment Musicaux et danses de transe-Ocora 72, lp 1971

Here's an LP of grainy field recordings from Bali ,
made by French radio in 1971...on the magnificent Ocora label

These recordings remain, as yet unissued on CD

from the liners
"Balinese daily life would be as unthinkable without music as it would without incense flowers and offerings.

Music and its body of Dances and entertainments, is the agent which most obviously welds the different aspects of social activity (both profane and sacred) into a single tradition.

This record presents the extreme poles of the Magico-ludic axis about which musical activity resolves ,by bringing together entertainment music (side -A) and the songs whicxh accompany trance danses (side-B)

the recordings were made in august 1971 in and around Denpasar, notably in Pliatan"

Side A- Divertissement Musicaux
1-Geng gong- kupuarum
2-Geng Gong -pendet
4-Flute Solo
5-Gamelan Semar Peguligan-Sekar Gadung
6- Gamelan Semar Peguligan- Pengawak lasem.

Side-B- Danses de transes
1- Transes Sanghyang Dedari ,et Sangyang Djaran.

 covers included in the files
Flac -44hz -16 bit downsampled from 48 hz-24 bit.


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