16 November 2010

Ninh Le Quan,Michel Doneda & Daunik Lazro-Concert Public, Van D'oeuvre LP 8903, 1988

Here's an exuberant early Session by three Artists who have become stalwarts of the European Free scene.
Michel Doneda is by now almost a household name as a free improvisor considered by some one of the greatest living saxophonists.
Lazro and Ninh le Quan , seem almost unjustly neglected by comparison.
Le Quan in particular is one of the most inventive percussionists in the music.. his playing on this album seemingly rooted in the traditions of East Asia...
the whole alternates between folk tinged free jazz , with a few more severly austere processional sounding improvs,consisting of interlocking textures born of extreme Timbral contrasts.

My favourites though are probably the 2 very free treatments of traditional tunes .. Thillana by Carnatic & Hindustani musician, T.V. Gopalkrishnan, and the joyous Macedonian folk tune Prespansko,the sort of thing played by street brass bands accompanied by huge Tapan drums, after the consumption of the 80 proof ,plum Brandy known as Slivovitz.

Concert Public- Van D'oevre lp8903,1988
This was reissued on CD in 1990 on In Situ, (In Situ 37) but is no longer available.

Michel Doneda (soprano saxophone), Daunik Lazro (alto saxophone), Lê Quan Ninh (percussion)

Thillana (1:10), Paradi, parada, jelenia polska (4:50), Le chien à trois têtes (5:27), Eos III (14:50), Lune de quatre heures (7:40), Prespansko (4:22), Le souverain jaune (9:26), Hydrelerne (6:45)

Recorded on January 26, 1988 at Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy

Lp ripped at 48Hz-24bit then downsampled To 44hz-16 bit, and converted to Flac




SOTISE said...

Flac & Pics


onxidlib said...


that's FANTASTIC!!!

I've been looking for his lp for years.

Considering Daunik Lazro and Lê Quan Ninh I agree with you.
Especially Lê Quan Ninh is a really extraordinary musician who is all too little recognized.
Also his work in contemporary music is special - see his work with Quatuor Hêlios on Wergo (two CDs with interpratations of Cage)and one CD on Vand'Oeuvre(http://www.centremalraux.com/) with works by Globokar, Takemitsu and also one from Lê Quan himself. All three CDs are still available.
I have seen him three times and every concert was at least absorbing.It is interesting to know that recordings have a minor priority to him.

What a gem - Thank you!

Ictus75 said...

Many thanks for this! Ninh is one of my favorite percussionists and this LP is very difficult to find. I look forward to listening to this!

kinabalu said...

Thanks for this. I saw Doneda and Ninh almost exactly a year ago in town. Astounding what sounds Ninh could draw from his large bass drum. A double act that evening, the other part/pair being Ken Vandermark and Paal Nilssen Love whom I recorded on my cell phone, using the video option. Might post that one day, though it's huge (approx. 800 mb).

matt w said...

Thanks for this! I have "Les Diseurs de Musique" with the three of them plus "action poet" Serge Pey, which I don't go back to that much -- it's good to hear them without the sometimes distracting vocals. This was somehow much more folkish than I was expecting.

Le Quan is a very interesting player and fascinating to see live (I actually played with him once, but his solo set was the best part). One to watch out for is "Burning Cloud" with Butch Morris and J.A. Deane; hopefully the folks who are reissuing the FMPs will get around to that eventually!

wightdj said...

Thanks, great session.

intempestif said...

Wow!! Thanks a lot Sotise! Michael Doneda is one of my favorite soprano players, and I really like his 1990s recordings with Le Quan Ninh. But I've never heard about this album.

mario said...

thank you very much

alx4 said...

Is it possible to re-upload, please

SOTISE said...

only just noticed the request, will re rip in the next week, cheers

Joe Shmoe said...

I was wondering if you knew of a place where I might download this album. I can't seem to find it anywhere. I tried your link above but it doesn't appear to work. Thanks.

sikes said...

Hi, another request for a re-uploading of this if still possible, thanks

asjchrlpa mc said...

New links please..

montielster said...

yes, please!

James Manion said...

Please repost if possible, thank you