5 November 2010

ICP Orchestra - Live in Sant'Anna Arresi '04

Probably this recording has been already blogged and/or seeded, but
perhaps, for someone could still be an addition at the ICP Orchestra

Rec. live at "Piazze del Nuraghe", Sant'Anna Arresi, Italy,
on September 5, 2004 (radio broadcast)

Thomas Heberer,trumpet
Wolter Wierbos,trombone
Ab Baars/Michael Moore/Tobias Delius,reeds
Misha Mengelberg,piano
Mary Oliver,violin and viola
Tristan Honsinger,cello
Ernst Glerum,bass
Han Bennink,drums

1. Track #1 (08:47)
2. Track #2 (19:41)
3. Track #3 (04:21)
4. Track #4 (22:15)
5. Track #5 (07:46)

Total Time 1:02:52


riccardo said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Sounds great. - A

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sikes said...

Hi, so many fascinating recordings but too late to download them first time round, i`m hoping the is a chance this could still be re-uploaded? Thanks anyway

kinabalu said...

New link:


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thank you for the re-up