21 October 2010

Noah Howard Quartet - live in Sweden 2000

Here is a short excerpt from a concert given in Sweden. Obviously taken from a radio programme with a short presentation (in Swedish), this has about 2-3 pieces in the quartet format which to this listener is particularly significant as it probably is one of the few occasions we get to hear Bobby Few reunited with his old chum from the legendary Noah Howard and Frank Wright records from the 70s. Very timely, to say the least.

Noah Howard Quartet

Västerås, Sweden

26 September 2000

Noah Howard - alto saxophone, vocals
Bobby Few - piano
Ulf Akerhielm - bass
Gilbert Matthews - drums

01. Title 02:39
02. Radio Announcer (in Swedish) 02:48
03. Title 11:15
04. Title 06:35

Total Time: 23:17

No titles here, but the first two pieces are quite familiar, but I can't quite recall the titles right now. Another item off the Dime network, so heartfelt thanks are extended to those responsible for capturing the broadcast and spreading it wider.


kinabalu said...


Arcturus said...

& a huge, heartfelt thanks to you, kinabalu, for sharing such a gem from dime w/ the wider audience

I know I'm looking fwd to hearing it - should make a great companion to the 2001 VisionFest performance w/ Few that ubu posted

Igor said...

Thank you to remind us, kinabalu, how great musician Noah Howard was.