28 October 2010

Marion Brown - Live in Wiesen '79

Even if with some delay, this is my tribute to the great M.Brown.

Rec. live in Wiesen, Austria, on July 21, 1979
(mics recording)

Marion Brown,alto sax

1. Angel Eyes/Hurry Sundown (9:49)
2. Angel Eyes Reprise (9:31)
3. Unknown (5:29)
4. La Placita (4:30)
5. Unknown (5:28)
6. Bahamian Street Dance (3:05)
7. Unknown (8:59)
8. Unknown (3:23)

Total Time 50:17


riccardo said...

mp3 (112 MB) :


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ubu said...

Thanks a lot!

So sad about Marion Brown's death.
But then it seems in spite of all the trouble he had in the past years, he led a happy life and at least had no financial trouble.

I've got a little tribute running over on my place - I'm sure you've already noticed...

Arcturus said...

it's just great to see this material being made available

& what a lovely way to celebrate the transition, Elder to Ancestor . . .

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

trane said...

Thanks Riccardo, a due tribute

john said...

thanks for more solo MB. I enjoyed the previous one and am looking forward to this.

pete said...

any chance of reposting this?