3 October 2010


It's Sunday - so I'll make an extra effort.

Kazutoki "Kappo" Umezu, alto saxophone
Yoriyuki Harada, piano, bass clarinet
Ahmed Abdullah, trumpet
William Parker, bass
Rashied Sinan, drums

1. Stravizauls (Harada)    21:29
2. Kim  (Umezu)            22:50
3. Not So Long Don (Umezu) 02:02

Recorded by Ali Abuwi at Studio WE, NYC, 11th August, 1975.

SKI No.1  (vinyl rip)


onxidlib said...
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Sardo said...

Thanks for this unknown records.

fusionero said...

i was going to post this on my site, again i'm late ha!
well i'll still do it, but this is better 'cause is on flac, i've got no time or speed to post on flac

1009 said...

Thanks! Been meaning to check this out for a while. Not just a great lineup, but Thurston likes it! Hey!

Steve said...

Just a note: the "Ali" shown on the front cover is, I believe, percussionist Ali K. Abuyi, who played with a lot a notables of the time and was a regular member with Juma Sultan of the Aboriginal Music Society, with which many, many great players played, like William Parker, James Blood Ulmer, Sonny Simmons, Dewey Redman and others. And the cover photo may have been taken at Studio We, one of the principle NYC lofts of the era.

onxidlib said...

Thank you for the identification.
The lp was recorded at Studio WE.

Check out the fantastic Jemeel Moondoc Box from No Business Records.
A book is included with a survey about the Loft scene plus three cds.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this rare gem. Title is "SEIKATSU KOJYO IINKAI", not "JINKAI", means "Life improvement committee" in English. Regards from Japan,

onxidlib said...

Thanks for the information.

serviceton said...

Belated, but nevertheless sincere thanks from me (grabbing for the 2nd time - link still up 15 months after orig post)
Why didn't I say thanks the 1st time round? Perhaps it was excitement...

Nick said...

Sleeve+Labels (Small file)

onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks, tonight Kazutoki Umezu plays in my hometown :)

山田晶子 said...

Merci beaucoup pour cet album magnifique.
Didn't know about it 10 minutes ago,
and after a quick earch, i could find it here (as i already found many other great albums in the past).
Keep the music available.
Funky fred From France

Anonymous said...

This looks good, thanks!