22 September 2010

Severino Gazzelloni-Bruno Canino-Il Flauto Contemporaneo 1977

He'res a recently Rediscovered re-xplored record, that although not Jazz related may be of interest.
That the greatest 20th Century Flautists name is so little known among jazz fans other than for the reference on Eric Dolphy's Out to Lunch, is a pity .
this is a Luminously,stunningly Beautiful record.

complex textures, Extended techniques, vocalised instrumental tones, and free improvisation, everything we love about the best Free jazz is present here too!
Lovers of soi-Disant Spectralism, and the Great late, 20th C italian Triumvirate ,Nono ,Berio , and Maderna (featured)owe to themselves to hear this!

Kazuo Fukushima B-1930 , who's composition is featured on Side 2, has also written for and played in Jazz ensembles.

Il Flauto Contemporaneo- Fonit cetera Itl-70007, lp

1- Niccolo Castigliano-Gymel 1960
2- Bruno Maderna- HoneyReves-1963
3-Goffredo Petrassi-Dialogo Angelico-1948
4-Roman Vlad-il magico flauto di Severino- 1971

Side B-
1-Kazuo Fukushima-kadha karuna-1964
2-Hidenao Ito- Apocalypse-1965
3- Yori-Aki Matsudaira- Rymes for Gazzelloni-1967
4-Yoritsune Matsudaira-Somaksah-1962

Severino Gazzelloni-Flute voice
Bruno Canino-piano

Unknown Uncredited , jazz rythmn section on part of B-3, bass drums and vibes

this lp has never to my Knowledge been reissued

Ripped to 48khz-wav then Down sampled to burnable 16 bit 44kz-Then Flac
if anyone wants to post other mirrors , post mp3 links ect .. feel free


SOTISE said...

Flac-raw pics

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

I was wondering myself what happened to Gazzelloni.


onxidlib said...

Thank you!
I always wanted to hear something from Severino Gazzelloni since I heard "Out to Lunch".
A happy day.

mario said...

thank you sotise, a nice post

Peter said...

Thanks very much for this change of pace and idiom - and the golden flute!

Newk said...

Wow...I got online to look for this very recording, and I was pleased to see that it was this site that posted it. I haven't peeked in on this blog in so very long, but can I be so bold as to ask for a re-up on this?

Newk said...

Also, doesn't he actually play along with the Dolphy recording on B3?

SOTISE said...

new rip flac-pics


Newk said...

Thanks for re-posting this, Sotise! I was beginning to think I'd never see this again. Looking forward to listening over the weekend.

JD said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot :)
Great interpreter