24 September 2010

Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe - Position 2000 (FLAC)

Here is the second MJQK'HE.
The cover is from Herbert Joos (also the picture from "Trees").
He has studied graphic arts and from 1958 onwards also acoustic bass.
On brass he is self-educated, although later he took private lessons.
The MJQK started mid-sixties as a bop orientated group. Mainly through Joos they began to add freer and more personal concepts into the groups music.
All members were amateurs (not in the sense of being unable but simply they had "daily" professions). For example Helmuth Zimmer was an architect and Rudi Theilmann is a art historian.
They made two lps as MJQK. After Claus Bühler the bassist left the group during a concert two more were recorded as "Fourmenonly" (Vol.1 & Eight Science Fiction Stories). Arguments about loudness and the general direction the music went induced the split.
The compilation "Born Free" from the 12th German Jazzfestival
(these Lps were in fact a bootleg - none from the musicians were asked for permission or received any royalties) and a sampler from the NDR broadcast station (NDR Jazzworkshop '73) included each one piece by MJQK (abridged) & Fourmenonly. Apart from this I know only one bootleg with about 20 minutes music.

In contrast to some FMP artists their music was more thematic orientated and powerplay was used only sparingly to highlight formal contrasts. Their use of multitracking was unsual and led to negativ critic from musicians,journalists and listeners alike. But for achiveving more complex textures and/or backgrounds they used this method spontaneously from "Position 2000" onward. Basically Herbert Joos said that they would use such procedures to create the music they wanted without a greater assemblage of musicians which were not available or compliant.

The whereabouts of the other musicians and why Joos has left the group will be described within the next post.

If you have more or specific questions I am happy to oblige.
Hopefully my english isn't too strange or whatever.
The link is found in the comments.

Here is a link to H.Joos' website where you can see his graphics.


Herbert Joos,flh,mel,indian fl,perc
Wilfried Eichhorn,ts,ss,bcl,fl
Helmuth Zimmer,p,perc
Claus Bühler,b,perc
Rudi Theilmann,dr,perc

1. Position 2000 12:22
2. Where Love Forever Shines 04:59
3. The Sun Is Coming Over 18:45

Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany, May 1970

MJQK 002


onxidlib said...
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Damon Smith said...

Fantastic! Are there more of these? I would love to hear more. Great music! Danke Schön!!

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Most interesting. Thank you.

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There's a plan to reissue this LP and others of the MJQK...so for the time being I won't do a re-up.

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Did this relaese? Can re-up occur? Merci, C.

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We hope to do the reissue this year. I shall inform readers of this blog about serious progress in this case.

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No news at the moment. Except that this year it won't happen!