29 September 2010

Anthony Braxton Quartet - Live in Milan '79

Maybe some Braxton's expert will be so patient to indicate the right
sequence of compositions in the two sets (making reference to series
40 and 69).

Rec. live at "Teatro Uomo", Milan, Italy, on April 22, 1979
(mics recording)

Anthony Braxton,reeds
Ray Anderson,trombone,trumpet
John Lindberg,bass
Thurman Barker,percussion

1. Set #1 (46:27)
2. Set #2 (49:50)
3. Encore (03:59)

Total Time 1:40:17


riccardo said...
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...tom f. said...

Thanks for this and for so much more music I've discovered here.
This is a great blog.

Sivad said...

Thank you very much!!

maready said...

Another big thank you!

centrifuge said...

i'm not an expert, riccardo, but i can provide most of the tracklisting... better late than never i hope (only saw the post a couple of days ago). as you correctly surmise, most of the concert comprised material from the third and fourth creative ensemble books.

set one:
comp. 69m
? (open improv?)
comp. 40f
comp. 69c

set two:
comp. 23j
comp. 69n (?)
comp. 40i

comp. 69j

- i have written about the recording in (some) more detail here: http://tinyurl.com/3ygotsw

thanks riccardo, your continued posting of excellent live concerts is much appreciated, as is the work you must have put in to get them in the first place. cheers :)

kinabalu said...

New link:


@Jim: Checking earlier posts, I noticed that there was another Milan79 with a solo performance and an interview added. I don't think I have that one, but I trust this is the one you requested.

James Flagg said...

This is the one I was referring to.
I really want to thank you for all
of the Braxton. I really love 70s

Do you want me to keep searching for Braxton links that need to be re-uploaded? I'll be happy to do that if it's not a pain or bother for you. Of course, you're more capable than I am, but this is fun!



kinabalu said...

@Jim: Go ahead! I'm sure that you will find some, including stuff I've posted before. It's better that this be demand-driven than supply-driven, as it were.

James Flagg said...

That's great, will do. Also, if I should come across oop Braxton not at the blog I will forward those suggestions to you as well. Love this teamwork. If the world were run by free jazz people, or just jazz people, we might actually get somewhere.



DW said...

kinabulu, thanks!