17 August 2010

World Sax Quartet meets M'BOOM - Live in Serravalle Scrivia '10

"Nearly three decades have passed since that glorious 1981 evening,
when an audience of three thousand gathered in the cathedral of St.
John the Divine to hear what Max Roach called a “Grand Collaboration”:
a concert by M’Boom and the World Saxophone Quartet."

Two evening ago i've recorded this "new collaboration" : it's a pleasure
to see these two ensembles fuse together!

Rec. live in Serravalle Scrivia (AL), Italy, on August 15, 2010
(mics recording)

World Sax Quartet:
Hamiet Bluiett,bariton sax
David Murray,tenor sax,bass clarinet
Oliver Lake,alto sax
James Carter,alto & soprano sax

M'Boom Re Percussion:
Eli Fountain/Ray Mantilla/Steve Berrios/
Warren Smith,percussions

1. Hattie Wall [H.Bluiett] (22:47)
2. Yes, We Can! [D.Murray] (07:52)
3. Barbecue Sushi [H.Bluiett] (21:08)
4. Real [O.Lake] (12:24)
5. Couchette [W.Smith] (06:49)

Total Time 1:11:02


riccardo said...

mp3 (160 MB) :


flac (435 MB) :





Anonymous said...

As always, your uploads are absolutely appetizing!! Many thanks.So then, does "mic recording" mean a recording off the microphones?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, riccardo, this sounds like an interesting collaboration.

Wallofsound said...

That's made my day and I've only just got up! Many, many thanks.

wightdj said...

Thanks for this exceptional gift! BTW, is that Oliver Lake in the photo? I recognize Murray, Bluiett & Carter, but it doesn't look like Oliver.

Anonymous said...

That's Kidd Jordan, not Oliver Lake!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another wonderful post! A tiny note: one of the percussionist's is Steve Berrios, not Barrios.

riccardo said...

@ wightdj - anonymous

i'm not able to find a picture
with the correct line-up...

wightdj said...

Kidd Jordan it is. I was thinking the photo went with this session, but it's from a different concert, yes?

riccardo said...

@ wightdj

i've made the audio recording of the concert but no photos and i don't find any photos with Murray/Carter/Lake/Bluiett together...

Anonymous said...

Pictures of WSQ: David Murray, James Carter, Oliver Lake & Hamiet Bluiett
M'Boom: Joe Chambers, Warren Smith, Ray Mantilla, Eli Fountain & Steve Berrios
at http://www.flickr.com/photos/37531245@N08/sets/72157623286036636/

Arcturus said...

re-up would be greatly appreciated - thanks

my bad for missing this one . . .