2 August 2010

Jim Hall Quartet - Live in S.Margherita Ligure '05

Simply one of the greatest guitarist of all the jazz history.

Rec. live in S.Margherita Ligure (Ge), Italy, on July 13, 2005
(mix recording)

Jim Hall,guitar
Geoffrey Keezer,piano (-5,6)
Steve La Spina,bass (-4,5)
Terry Clarke,drums (-4,6)

1. Band Blues [J.Hall] (12:59)
2. All The Things You Are [J.Kern] (11:08)
3. Ouagadoudou [J.Hall] (12:34)
4. Pong Reader [G.Keezer] (06:54)
5. Why Not Dance? [J.Hall] (04:46)
6. Cold Spring [J.Hall] (07:35)
7. Hide And Seek [J.Hall] (10:59)

Total Time 1:06:58


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Thank you for another great Jim Hall recording. Good quality sound.

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