12 August 2010

Clusone Trio - Live in Clusone '05

A special reunion for the 25 edition of the Clusone Festival :
the final concert by this great Trio.

Rec. live at "Corte Sant'Anna", Clusone, Italy, on July 22,
2005 (radio broadcast)

Michael Moore,alto sax,clarinets,melodica
Ernst Reijseger,cello
Han Bennink,drums

1. Dewey's Tune [D.Redman] (16:03)
2. Love Henry [Traditional] (10:43)
3. O Pato [A.C.Jobim] (13:45)
4. I Never Had A Chance [I.Berlin] (05:59)
5. Le Cygne [C.Saint-Seans] (08:50)
6. The Song Is Ended [I.Berlin] (06:54)

Total Time 1:02:17


riccardo said...

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wightdj said...

Good to hear, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!!!

Here just few minutes…
from minute 48'55''

"29-5-94 Han wandelt met bioloog Midas Dekker door Artis. Ze filosoferen over de genade van rithme. Hun theorieën worden getoetst op de pinguins door het trio van Michael Moore, Ernst Reijseger en Han Bennink."

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Thanks again!!

Arcturus said...

just fantastic - thanks! esp. looking forward to hearing them take on "Dewey's Tune"

Wallofsound said...

Wonderful to hear this recording, riccardo. I love Michael Moore's playing, and he is at his best with Bennink.

Igor said...

Many thanks, ricardo.
Bennink is a monster drummer, my favorite musician in this band.

NickS said...

Thank you very much.

marten512 said...

Lovely, thanks very much.