9 July 2010

Bill Evans Trio feat. Lee Konitz - Live in Terni '78

A concert that circulates between traders and partially (5 tracks)
in a DVD recently placed in commerce : this is the recording i made
from the Italian radio.

Rec. live in Terni (Umbria Jazz '78), Italy, on July 19, 1978
(radio broadcast)

Bill Evans,piano
Marc Johnson,bass
Philly Joe Jones,drums
Lee Konitz,alto saxophone (7,8,9)

1. Re: Person I Knew [B.Evans] (04:24)
2. The Peacocks [J.Rowles] (06:10)
3. Theme From M.A.S.H. [J.Mandel] (04:13)
4. Midnight Mood [B.Raleigh/J.Zawinul] (05:12)
5. But Beautiful [J.Burke/J.Van Heusen] (04:00)
6. Nardis (inc.) [M.Davis] (07:16)
7. Solar [M.Davis] (08:36)
8. You Don't Know What Love Is [G.DePaul/D.Raye] (04:04)
9. All The Things You Are (inc.) [O.Hammerstein/J.Kern] (04:05)

Total Time 48:04


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