9 June 2010

Roswell Rudd Malicool - Live in Rome '04

"At first blush, adding Roswell Rudd to a group of native West African
musicians might seem, well, stretched. Surprisingly, though, it proves
a remarkably impressive combination -- in large part due to the simple
melodies, the opportunity for the trombonist to stretch out, and the
quality of the band."

Rec. live at "Club La Palma", Rome, Italy, on June 18, 2004
(radio broadcast)

Roswell Rudd,trombone
Mamadou Diabate,kora
Mawuena Kodjovi,guitar
Lassana Diabate,balafon
Henry Paul Schroy,bass
Mar Gueye,djembe
John Betsch,drums

01. Bamako [R.Rudd] (6:18)
02. Announcement By Roswell Rudd (1:08)
03. Jackie-ing [T.Monk] (7:15)
04. Destiny [M.Diabate] (10:14)
05. Striking Up The Band By Roswell Rudd (1:56)
06. Rosmani [R.Rudd] (5:49)
07. Demoncan [M.Diabate] (8:18)
08. Johanna [R.Rudd] (14:04)
09. Malicool [R.Rudd] (11:12)
10. For Toumani (Diabate) [R.Rudd] (7:04)

Total Time 1:13:22


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matt w said...

Sounds great, thanks!

Wallofsound said...

Yes, I wasn't sure how this would work out. I do love African-jazz fusions but Rudd and the kora wasn't the top of my list. But it is a really enjoyable meeting.

kinabalu said...

I think this turned out very nicely. Thanks for the posting, Riccardo, supplementing the earlier postings of the South African connection. More to come on that front, defintely. But I love most everything coming out of West Africa, too.

Lawrence Austin said...

I'm at a public computer now, but I'll be back to download this and the George Lewis in Rome post. I have heard both here in Albuquerque at the Outpost Performance Space. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. Thanks again.

Сергей said...

riccardo, thanks!
Fantastic music. Incredible Roswell Rudd and joyous africans are wonderful!

MrBill said...

Definitely something different, and very enjoyable. Thank you!

NickS said...

Thank you.

Andrew said...

This is a stunning meeting of musical minds, beautiful playing. Many thanks for posting this up.

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Nick said...

Great, thanks mew23