25 June 2010

Günter Christmann & Detlef Schönenberg - Live in Padua '78

Again, from the German school, two great improvisers.

Rec. live at "Teatro Tenda", Padua, Italy, on February 2, 1978
(mics recording)

Günter Christmann,trombone & double bass
Detlef Schönenberg,percussions

1. Track #1 (07:40)
2. Track #2 (09:45)
3. Track #3 (11:52)
4. Track #4 (05:06)
5. Track #5 (13:07)
6. Track #6 (07:31)
7. Track #7 (02:45)
8. Track #8 (07:40)

Total Time 1:05:31


riccardo said...
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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Long live Germany!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Riccardo!!!!
Very good music!

Damon Smith said...

Amazing! Christmann is my favorite, the more recordings of him playing double bass the better!

matt w said...

Thanks very much for this -- I do love the Christmann/Schonenberg recordings and they sure are hard to find.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing this music. You are great as every time. Absolutely great and uncompromising blog. This duo I've never heard before. They're insane, but it's very important supplement to european free improv scene in 70s.

And one question: Has anybody Schonenberg solo record? It's currently out of print.

Anonymous said...


marten512 said...

I agree with everybody. many thanks.

bozo the clown said...

Andy has done these guys a great service- two of the musics great masters at the height of their game. Take a break from the gagaging world and be blown away!

Bozo the lown said...

Bozo made a boo-boo. The previous comments should have appeared with the Christmann/Barry Guy tape, but the jist of it remains the same in either case--two great masters in action! Detlef was a monster, a legend, and brought out the best in his partner. All their stuff on FMP and RING is CLASSIC!

onxidlib said...


bventure said...

Many thanks for the re-up of this great duo, I missed it first time round.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the re-up . Link is still good early January 2015.