2 June 2010

George Lewis & PMJO - Live in Rome '10

Lewis confirms of having a great talent as a composer for large
ensemble with these pieces composed from 1976 to 2009.
Thanks also to a week of rehearsal with the PMJO, the final result is,
in my opinion, remarkable.

Rec. live at "Auditorium - Parco della Musica (Sala G.Petrassi)", Rome,
Italy, on May 27, 2010 (radio broadcast)

George Lewis,conductor,trombone
Miya Masaoka,koto
PMJO - Parco della Musica Jazz Orchestra :
Gianni Oddi/Maurizio Giammarco/Gianni Savelli/Marco Conti/
Elvio Ghigliordini,reeds,flutes
Fernando Brusco/Claudio Corvini/Giancarlo Ciminelli/Francesco Lento,trumpets
Mario Corvini/Massimo Pirone/Luca Giustozzi/Roberto Pecorelli, trombones
Riccardo Fassi,piano
Luca Pirozzi,bass & electric bass
Pietro Iodice,drums

1. Hello/Goodbye (22:50)
2. The Chicken Skin II (23:57)
3. Fractals (09:14)
4. Transcription Of Fred Anderson's Solos (11:59)
5. Triangle (15:43)
6. Shuffle (14:22)

Total Time 1:38:07

All compositions by G.Lewis


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"nächstens mehr." said...

cool, thx a lot. i'm looking forward very much to hear this!

trane said...

Riccardo, when you have a minute (no rush) could you please drop me a line at the following address


jazzbear said...

Thank you very much for this lovely music. I really dig this recording.

archer said...

wow! this is fantastic! i would love to have been there. this will surely be the live boot of the year.

huge gratitude!

matt w said...

Very nice, thank you! Lewis is an amazing composer as well as trombonist (everyone has his Black Saint albums, right? Homage to Charles Parker is one of the greatest albums ever and available for next to nothing on Amazon MP3). So far this sounds kind of like The Shadowgraph Series meets the Usual Turmoil.

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mario said...

thank you, Riccardo. excellent artists, as usual

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