19 May 2010

The Trio - Live in Berlin 1969

Rounding off The Trio sessions here, this is another live recording, prior to the one in Altena we posted before. As with the other Trio recordings, tunes tend to run together, so I'm putting up the playlist as it was announced at the end. A commenter at the Dime torrent web site suggested an alternative set of tunes for the long medley. The only tune in common is "Silvercloud", from the first double album, which I can confirm as well. But I very much doubt whether "Oh Dear" was in that set.

At the time, it was the John Surman group, later changing name to The Trio, so for the sake of consistency, I think we'll settle for The Trio for the heading.

John Surman Group
Berliner Jazztage, Philharmonie, Berlin/Germany, 7th November 1969

John Surman, ss, barsax, bcl
Barre Phillips, b
Stu Martin, dr


01 intros by John O'Brien-Docker and John Surman
02 FF - Silver Cloud - Caractacus
03 Yugoslavian Dance


02 Unknown title 3:29
Porte des Lilas (Cooke) 5:22
Silvercloud (Phillips) 6:43
Oh Dear (Surman) 5:29
Unknown title 2:44


kinabalu said...


A little technical note: This was posted in the mp2 format, but there was a long section with radio talk which I thought was irrelevant and edited out. I had to convert the files to wav for editing and reconvert them back to flac for posting here. All of that has more than doubled the size of the files compared to the original mp2s. Otherwise I might have posted them exactly as they were uploaded. I didn't reconvert them to any lossy format in order to preserve the sound quality as much as possible.

john said...

many thanks for yet more 'Trio', much appreciated considering before these posts I only knew of the double album and 'Conflagration'. What's interesting in the earlier posts is that far from being a frantic thrash, as might have been expected from such a high energy group in a live situation, the music is very considered. It stands up well to the passage of time and sounds pretty fresh now.

Anonymous said...

Can this re-up? Thank you.

kinabalu said...

New link:


nod Y. said...

Hi Kinabalu

Excellent idea to re-up the trio and the trio by contact on Ogun. I've just listened to this live and this band is definitely never boring. it is fascinating to hear that they have continuously many ideas. So many young musicians should listen to that kind of performance before playing!!!