26 May 2010

Lee Konitz All Stars - Live in Genoa '81

A classic group for summer festivals (and we are on the eve
of the summer festivals!), but the interaction between Konitz
and Farmer is remarkable.

Rec. live at "Villa Imperiale ", Genoa, Italy, on July 8, 1981
(mix recording)

Lee Konitz,alto sax
Art Farmer,trumpet,flugelhorn
Ross Tompkins,piano
Milt Hinton,bass
Shelly Manne,drums

1. It’s You [L.Konitz] (09:21)
2. A Minor Blues [L.Konitz] (09:41)
3. In A Sentimental Mood [D.Ellington] (05:26)
4. Someday My Prince Will Come [F.Churchill/L.Morey] (05:29)
5. What’s New [J.Burke/B.Haggart] (05:29)
6. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho [Traditional] (03:28)
7. Cherokee [R.Noble] (06:48)
8. Passport [C.Parker] (11:10)
9. Donna Lee [C.Parker] (07:31)

Total Time 1:04:26


riccardo said...

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Wallofsound said...

I saw Konitz a few weeks ago. Maybe not as good as he could be in the past, but still spellbinding. I'll listen to this with pleasure.

Igor said...

Thanks, riccardo.
Konitz and Farmer play some of my favorite tunes here. Can't wait to hear Donna Lee.

I bet you're going to Perugia to hear and see Rollins. Again.

riccardo said...

Hi Igor,
i think it's easier that i go
to Genoa to hear and see O.Coleman.

MrBill said...

What a great lineup! I look forward to spending some time with Konitz, Farmer and the rest.

zero said...

Late to the party, but so glad to have made it. Splendid lineup, super program! Thanks a bundle, riccardo.

Kndnsk said...

Thanks a lot, riccardo. I had only heard a few tracks from this set before. Great interplay between Konitz and Farmer indeed.

Jazzrealities said...

Dear Riccardo
Many thanks for this one!!
Do you have more from Lee?
Posso scrivere e leggere italiano.

riccardo said...

@ Jazzrealities

Certainly more Lee in the future.

moha said...

I'm a bit late, but thanks a lot!

john said...

...... even later, but thanks for this great music.

Otis Foster said...

...and bringing up the rear, but no less grateful for this session.

duck said...

This is getting better the further I go and it's not even Christmas. Many thanks again. Re: being late???? Don't care, promise to enjoy.

francisco santos said...

does anyone have this one?...if yes can it be re post, please?...

mew23 said...


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