24 April 2010

Don Pullen - Live in Castiglione del Lago '76

A brief recording made during the 1976 edition of
"Umbria Jazz", the day after Don played with Sam
Rivers in Villalago (Black Africa! Villalago - Horo Records).

Rec. live at "Umbria Jazz '76", Castiglione del Lago (Perugia),
Italy, on July 23, 1976 (radio broadcast)

Don Pullen,piano

1. Richard's Tune (10:04)
2. Joycie Girl (09:36)
3. Suite (Sweet) Malcom (09:18)
4. Big Alice (08:50)

Total Time 37:49

All compositions by D.Pullen


riccardo said...

mp3 (85 MB) :

flac (180 MB) :


Arcturus said...

yet another essential document - thank you!

trane said...

My absolute favorite pianist, MANY MANY thanks!

Wallofsound said...

I listened to this during the morning, and really enjoyed it. I have to say I am particularly keen on Pullen when he pulls together all his different influences in this way. There are times one forgets this is just one player, so orchestral is his playing.

If only we could get rid of the unison clapping on Big Alice it would be one of Pullen's strongest solo recordings.

riccardo, you have shared so many great live recordings with us, but this may be the best. Many many thanks.

corvimax said...

chances are that I was there, the truth is I dont remember, so is good to have it again here, many thanks

ilariorozen said...

hi brother ric,
great music,
and very very great photos

Frédito said...

Grazie mille, Riccardo !

Anonymous said...

Thank You (Yet Again) for this solo Don Pullen European concert! This seems to be a short 'greatest hits' type performance with all pieces in the 10 min. range.
Like the wonderful Milan '78 solo Pullen tape posted here, i believe this is an audience recording--really close & outstanding sounding though!!--and also the pitch seems to be a bit off: running too slow somewhat. Listen to Don's "thank you" after Richard's Tune: his voice sounds much lower and 'rougher' than usual. (Don was from the south of the U.S. and had a distinctive southern dialect to his speech). A shame too that all between song time has been cut(?) too. Still an essential and fantastic live document! -dandor

Anonymous said...

After a close listen, it is definitely an audience recording (Bravo to the recordist!), and when a speed correction of +3.0% applied is a recital of rhythmic sound delight!

As "Wallofsound" said: "Big Alice it would be one of Pullen's strongest solo recordings.

riccardo, you have shared so many great live recordings with us, but this may be the best. Many many thanks."

A lovely accompaniment to the live solo /78 Milan! -dandor

Boootsy said...

Looking very much forward to hearing this, thanks.

Boootsy said...

Looking much forward to this one, thank you.

Fred said...

Exceptional blog !
Thank you very much for this one… but
Part. 2 flac not valid !

riccardo said...


Fred said...

Thank You

Colin said...

Sorry, but new link to flac part 2 also showing as invalid on Rapidshare.

riccardo said...

@ Colin

click on blue flac in my previous comment

Colin said...

Done that: RapidShare states no such file I'm afraid

riccardo said...

@ colin

my comment of May 26!

JC said...

Thanks. Somehow missed this back when and it appears Part 2 is long vanished (though part one remains). Can anyone help?

SOTISE said...

JC here it is
Don Pullen - Live in Castiglione del Lago '76"


JC said...

Many thanks Sotise. Note to anyone in the future that the new link is the entirety in one file.

I've always enjoyed DP though only got to see him once in person (with the Afro-Brazilian thing he wound up with at the end of his time). These vintage relics are quite wonderful. So glad some were documented.

David said...

possible to repost please? Thanks!