19 April 2010

David S. Ware Quartet - Live in Sant’Anna Arresi '04 (New Flac Links)

I think that the David S. Ware Quartet (one of the greatest groups in
the last twenty years) is a bit underrated on IS, so here is the Quartet
performing live the famous "Freedom Suite" composed by Sonny Rollins.

Rec. live at "Piazza del Nuraghe", Sant’Anna Arresi (Cagliari),
Italy, on September 1, 2004 (radio broadcast)

David S. Ware,tenor sax
Matthew Shipp,piano
William Parker,bass
Guillermo E. Brown,drums

1. Freedom Suite Part I (21:02)
2. Freedom Suite Part II (16:47)
3. Freedom Suite Part III (16:48)
4. Freedom Suite Part IV (11:54)

Total Time 1:06:33


Arcturus said...

most excellent & highly anticipated - asever, thanks

Gunnar said...

Totally agree, truly excellent! Thank you very much!

oznerol said...

hi riccardo, what a great post!

however, I have a problem in extracting track III from the flac archive, can you check it?



Anonymous said...

I've never like the work Brown has done on drums with Matthew Shipp (Nu Bop, etc.) His playing always seemed too choppy for no reason. I imagine it's changed a bit if they're playing a Rollins piece. Can anyone speak to that? Thanks again for an amazing blog!!!

bernizz said...

Thanks for the great post! In case you are not aware of it, a double LP (!!) was issued of the (apparently) last ever concert of this group in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2007 by nobusiness records. Check it out, it is really good!! http://nobusinessrecords.com/NBLP4-5.php

fastone said...

Many thanks, but as oznerol said there's a problem with Part III...

riccardo said...

mp3 (149 MB) :


track 3 flac (Freedom Suite Part III) :

flac new links (384 MB) :





oznerol said...

thank you for the correct flacs and for this great concert. there is an astonishing moment (among many others, actually) during second track (five minutes to the end approximately) in which mr ware plays an incredible note.. great!


joe pierre said...

great recording -- thanks. but is this really the sonny rollins composition? i can't detect ANY of the rollins melody and usually when these guys play covers it's not unrecognizeable...

joe pierre said...

i see from the studio release that it is the rollins tune. i guess i'll have to keep listening to see if i can hear any of the melody...

Hookfinger said...

Very nice - thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you could repost this?I would love to hear this but seems all the links are dead.Thank You!

Anonymous said...

this is a fantastic set. upon repeated listening though, the second song is "Lexicon" from the studio album Go See The World by DSW.

makes you wonder to what extent this concert is really "The Freedom Suite"

electronic drummer said...

Can you please upload it again?

Anonymous said...

new link (for flac):

cosmic traveller