9 April 2010

Archie Shepp Quartet - Live in Brescia '79

Great Shepp with a poor rhythm section, as too often

Rec. live at "Chiostro del Teatro Comunale Santa Chiara",
Brescia, Italy, on July 4, 1979 (mix recording)

Archie Shepp,tenor & soprano sax,vocal
Siegfried Kessler,piano
Gon Mizuhashi,bass
Clifford Jarvis,drums

1. Mama Rose [A.Shepp] (53:41)
2. Lookin' For Someone To Love [C.Massey]/
U-Jamaa [A.Shepp] (24:44)

Total Time 1:18:25


riccardo said...

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Anonymous said...
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trane said...

Well, shepp is shepp, no matter what rhtyhm section (although Jarvis is a great drummer!), thanks for this one

kinabalu said...

Jarvis is a pretty good drummer, at least from what I've heard. He's on the "African Bass" with Johnny Dyani which I've posted here previously.

Arcturus said...

looks like they're stretching out nice 'n long on these tunes - should be good

& yea, Clifford Jarvis is a great drummer - worked quite a bit w/ Shepp, also w/ Pharoah & Sun Ra among others & I love his playing on that wonderful D Murray album, The London Concert

don't know much about Gon Mizuhashi except that he sounds great on a Marion Brown DIW recording I've been listening to a lot lately, Live in Japan, which also has Dave Burrel & my current obsession, Warren Smith on percussion

Kessler's someone I just haven't paid much attention to . . .

Anonymous said...

Clifford Jarvis also played with Sun Ra and Sonny Simmons during the 60s and 70s. See many Saturn Research Sun Ra albums and the Sonny Simmons albums on Contemporary.


Anonymous said...

Man, the wide variation in the available Shepp performances always makes me hesitate before buying something unfamiliar by him.

He's always capable of surprises, though. Thanks.