11 March 2010

Dudu Pukwana and the Spears 1969

There was a request for this one in the comments section of an earlier Dudu Pukwana posting, so we are only too happy to respond. This one was out on the Quality label in 1969, but info on the time and location of recording and the members of the Spears are lacking on the actual record (see reproduction of the back sleeve), so any fill-in information would be welcome.

Chronologically, I think we're talking about the latter part of the sixties, which might indicate it was recorded in Europe, most likely London. Stylistically, it falls in with the Gwigwi Mrwebi Band, steeped in the township dance music of the time, which came out on an album in the mid-60s and recently rereleased on vinyl. An essential item for any South African collection. This one has little of the experimentation that characterised the Chris McGregor group and the "Very Urgent" record from the late 60s.

The facts, scanty as they may be:

Side A

1. Pezulu (Way Up)
2. Thulula (Fill It Up)
3. Kuthwasi Hlobo (Spring)
4. Half Moon
5. Yima Mjalo (Stick around)

Side B

1. Kwa Thula (Thula's Place)
2. Joe's Jika (Joe's Groove)
3. Nobomwu (Red Head)
4. Qonqoza (Knock)
5. Pho La (Cool It!)

This was up on another blog, but has apparently disappeared. So, therefore, I thought it fit to put it here as it ties nicely in with other recent Dudu Pukwana posts.


kinabalu said...

This was postes as a set of mp3 files, so that's what we have.


gilhodges said...

Even though I already nicked this one previously, it's so good, I almost can't stop myself from grabbing it again. Thank you so much, Kinabalu, for this series of Dudu posts.

kinabalu said...

I have about two to go, the duet with John Stevens and the final Zila from 1990, but shall check their availability first and whether they have been posted elsewhere before going ahead. After that? Well, there's always some more Dyani and Moholo ... and Michel Portal ... and ... and ...

Nou Dadoun said...

This one shows up on Richard Thompson discographies every once in a while and is a Joe Boyd "Witchseason" production. In fact, he describes dropping the master tape off in Jo'burg in his autobiography White Bicycles.

I have a cassette from the master tape courtesy of the archivist at Gallo; there was some controversy at Gallo about whether or not it had ever actually been issued since the practice at the time was to put the artwork into the master tape box to have a physical record of its issue and there was no artwork in the box.

Last time I checked, Fledg'ling was talking to Gallo about licensing this but I assume that's gone by the wayside ... N

bra robs said...

great post! thank you.

matt said...

Good stuff, it was matsuli who shared this one ... thanks for spreading the word and music

amnesia said...

Many thanks for your fairness and generosity in posting this in response to my (anonymous)request. Dudu, live and on record, was such an important part of my life in London for the best part of thirty years. I have wanted to hear this since I first discovered its existence. I intend to return the favour.
Thanks again Robert

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in Dudu Pukwana's 1978 album with Han Bennink and Misha Melgelberg "Yi Yole" on ICP 021, it's here:


I ran across it on another blog ...

Siddiq Khan said...

Yo mense, die antwoord vir die personnel is mos op hierdie blog: electric jive, waarop onse vriend AE het nou-nou gepost(where our friend AE have recently geposted) this in the comments

"White Bicycles" liner notes:
Church Mouse:
Bass - Harry Miller
Drums - Louis Moholo
Guitar - Richard Thompson , Simon Nicol
Saxophone [Alto] - Dudu Pukwana
Trumpet [Pocket] - Mongezi Feza

vriendelijke groeten


Anonymous said...

Amazing to find this link still live! I've not come across this recording before. Looking forward to hearing it. Many thanks.


Pete K. said...

Happy Holidays. Any chance of a re-up on this? Wishing you peace, right here and now.

kinabalu said...

An excellent choice!

New link:


Pete K. said...

A great way to bring in the new year. Thanks

ooftü said...

such a great piece! thanks for the reup

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above. Many thanks for the re-up. Wonderful.

Djordje said...

Marvelous! Thank you1