8 March 2010

Don Byron's New Gospel Quintet - Live in Hamburg '09

"Fantastic gig! Anytime [Byron] does a new project he always explores
subject very deeply. He's not just a jazz musician doing gospel - he
somebody who is really engaging with the subject matter as well,
to absorb what's in those lyrics by Thomas A. Dorsey, these very
songs about his relationship with God and just human
relationships as well
and that really comes across in the gig.
It is a very moving experience listening to it."

Rec. live at "Rolf Liebermann Studio", Hamburg, Germany,
on May 14, 2009 (radio broadcast)

Don Byron,clarinet,tenor saxophone,vocal
DK Dyson,vocal
Frank Wilkins,piano
Brad Jones,bass
Pheeroan AkLaff,drums

1. Boogie Woogie Bossanova [E.Harris] (10:47)
2. Hide Me In Thy Bosom [Rev.T.A.Dorsey] (09:29)
3. It's My Desire [Rev.T.A.Dorsey] (13:54)
4. Precious Lord [Rev.T.A.Dorsey] (12:27)
5. On Time God [D.Peoples] (10:56)
6. Precious Memories [R.C.Wright] (16:19)

Total Time 1:13:53


riccardo said...

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Anonymous said...

track 01
Boogie Woogie Bossanova [Eddie Harris] 10.48
survivor69 from dime

archer said...

man, how miss dyson got this gig is beyond me. anything outside the traditional groove and structure and she's lost big time. really a shame. byron and wilkins solos on "it's my desire" are just killer. dyson's vocal is killer in a literal sense.

thanks for the share

Wallofsound said...

But that's Byron all over. Risk taker; sometimes he takes the right risks.

Thanks for sharing riccardo.

hulaboy said...


archer said...

well, yeah but wise selection of your fellow travelers on risky adventures is crucial.

wilkins was an excellent selection. never heard him before. brilliant.

anyone else wishing byron would narrow his focus to the clarinet, at least for a while?

Detres said...

DK Dyson is one of the most heartfelt spirited vocalists out here. I have had the opportunity to have seen Don Byron's New Gospel Quintet a few times and they are lucky to have her spirit. He who just comes from the head can't hear or see it but the thing is he doesn't know it.

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