13 March 2010

Anthony Braxton Trio - Live in Rome '79

Finely recorded by "Ilario" this is the only document i know by this
short lived trio (no official recordings). Teitelbaum, who came from
the academic world (he studied, among others, under L.Nono,
G.Petrassi, K.Stockhausen, G.Ligeti) in those years had many
collaborations with the AACM people (besides Braxton, L.Jenkins or
G.Lewis), while R.Anderson had just replaced G.Lewis in various
Braxton's groups. Not an "easy" music.

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St.Louis", Rome, Italy,
on November 17, 1979 (mix recording)

Anthony Braxton,alto saxophone
Ray Anderson,trombone
Richard Teitelbaum,Moog-synth,piano

1. Track #1 (47:28)
2. Track #2 [inc.] (48:47)

Total Time 1:36:15


riccardo said...

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C said...

Thanks so much for this rarity!

I have a recording from Berlin 11/11/79 of this trio, but I can't remember the quality nor can I find it at the moment. Great stuff!!

matt w said...

This looks great! I love Teitelbaum's work.

Teitelbaum's Concerto Grosso on Hat Art actually is sort of by this trio -- these three musicians play, but they're accompanied by a massive array of computers and computer-driven instruments.

SOTISE said...

thanks Riccardo , a beauty...
there is another concert by this trio.
which i'll upload for you tonight!

Anthony Braxton Trio
Philharmonie, Berlin, Germany
November 1, 1979

Track 1 48:03


Anthony Braxton as,ts,sopranino,cl
Ray Anderson tb
Richard Teitelbaum synth

riccardo said...

@ matt w

on "Concerto Grosso (1985) for Human Concertino and Robotic Ripieno" there's George Lewis on trombone.

@ Sotise

many thanks for the kind thought !

matt w said...

You're completely right, riccardo -- for some reason I read this recording as having Lewis instead of Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Ciao Riccardo,
and a continuous mille grazie for so many of your previous rarities of italian the 70´s and 80´s.
inconstant sol keeps being one of my favourite sources for great improv music, despite all the movements behind the courtain some time earlier. sorry for not posting back, but even on Dime, i can´t find the time as i would like.
thanks again!

Ochyming said...

Once more thank you!

Anonymous said...

can someone repost this concert?
I saw this trio in Padua in the same november, great music, but horrible acoustic: a basketball palasport, very crowded, there were a lot of people talking and walking, but it was my first experience with Braxton's music. After I saw him a lot of times and I knew him. Last time I saw him , in Mestre, there was Teitelbaum in the public and when we went to talk with Braxton after the concert we knew Teitelbaum too.

DW said...

Riccardo, I agree, this should be reposted!