18 February 2010

K.Wheeler/E.Parker/P.Rutherford/B.Guy/N.Morris + RAI B.B. - Live in Rome '80

Fifth event/concert for the series "I Concerti di Un Certo Discorso".

here the complete list of all concerts.

Rec. live at "Teatro dell'Opera", Rome, Italy,
on April 14, 1980 (radio broadcast)

Kenny Wheeler,trumpet,flugelhorn
Evan Parker,tenor & soprano saxophones
Paul Rutherford,trombone
Barry Guy,bass
Nigel Morris,drums
RAI Big Band :
Nino Culasso/Doriano Beltrame/Cicci Santucci/Michele
Lacerenza,tp - Giancarlo Beccattini/Ernesto Pumpo/
Marco Pellacani/Gennaro Baldino,tb - Gianni Oddi/Baldo
Maestri/Sal Genovese/Beppe Carrieri/Carlo Metallo,reeds
- Sergio Coppetelli/Pino Rucher,gt - Maurizio Majorana,b -
Carlo Zoffoli,vib - Roberto Pregadio,p - Roberto Zappulla,dr

1. Track #1 (08:46)
2. Track #2 (20:01)
3. Track #3 (22:03)
4. Track #4 (08:55)
5. Track #5 [inc.] (04:13)

Total Time 1:04:01


riccardo said...
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Wallofsound said...

There's always room in my heart for more Kenny Wheeler. Many thanks.

alec said...

Thank you, Riccardo!

sotise said...

.....and for evan parker , especially in a rare straighter context!....thanks!

Jazz from Italy said...


the "I Concerti di Un Certo Discorso", are a piece of the history of this music, and if the RAI is not the company that is, we would have all the opportunity to hear the rare tracks.

Fortunately there are crazy fans like us, who help us to not forget.

thanks a lot,

sotise said...

this is truly superb, much better than the rai bb with chris mcgregor & co. ( i thought)...... beautiful , most of the material seems to be from around 6... one of my favourites from that era ... and surely among the best ecm records ever.... and wow the way E Parker blows his nuts over KW's haunting plaintive pastoral tunes.... leaves one breathless , he too no doubt... given the sheer ferocity of his blowing.....
the bleed through from what was previously on the tape almost sounds like a ghostly pentimenti of Keith Rowe's schtick, especially in the passages during B Guys scrabbly amplified solos.....

Anonymous said...

Any chance that the Mengelberg post comes up ?

Mark said...

I'm with Wallofsound - even down to the thanks! (And I can never get enough of Sotise and his/her good ears, either...)

And, of course, thanks to you for hosting and finding all this good stuff!

riccardo said...

@ sotise
you've a poetic sensibilty!

@ Anonymous
many chances

Nuage fiché qui rêve said...

Grazie mille Riccardo, this must be superb. And Sotise's impressions make me even more eager to listen !

inamorata said...

Amazing stuff! Track 1 is "Smatter" from Wheeler's Gnu High album with Keith Jarrett on ECM.
Thanks for the great post (and so many others...)!

matt w said...

Just starting to listen to it, and it's great! inamorata, thanks for the track 1 ID -- I knew it was familiar, and not from Around 6, but I'd have been listening to my Kenny Wheeler albums all day to try to track it down. Which is not such a bad idea.

Really digging Barry Guy's work on the first track -- he almost sounds like a noise guitarist, kind of like Derek Bailey's playing on the long track of "Song for Someone."

matt w said...

Track 2 is Mai We Go Round from Around 6.

Anonymous said...

rapidshare sucks!

kinabalu said...
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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


francisco santos said...


Felix said...

Wonderful music, I remember, now need new link to share

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Felix - the link is still good (comment from 30 March 2019).