13 February 2010

Elton Dean Quartet - Live in Milan '79

Curiously, this great quartet (directly derived from E.Dean's
Ninesense), didn't left us any official recording.
Magnificently supported by the rhythmic-section, the late English
saxophonist shows all his qualities, especially with the saxello.

Rec. live at "Teatro Cristallo", Milan, Italy,
on February 25, 1979 (mix recording)

Elton Dean.alto saxophone,saxello
Keith Tippett,upright piano
Harry Miller,bass
Louis Moholo,drums

1. Oasis (20:35)
2. Nancy [With The Laughing Face] (11:21)
3. Dede-Burbup (04:37)
4. That's For Cha/Seven For Lee/Fara [inc.] (27:24)

Total Time 1:03:58


riccardo said...

mp3 (145 MB) :


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Wallofsound said...

Wonderful line-up. Looking forward to listening.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post: many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Elton Dean...great line-up indeed! Thanks very much for this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

longbranch said...

Great, thanks much! Can't wait to listen--looks like an ideal group.

wightdj said...

That's an all-star band, thanks!

bra robs said...

great! thank you!!
there is an official record of the quartet "they all be on this old road" on ogun records.

Than you for all these wonderful posts! Id'like to hear more live performance of british & south african bands

kinabalu said...

Well, not quite. The quartet that made "They all be on this road" had Chris Lawrence on bass, not Harry Miller. But Elton Dean did make one official record in Italy, "The Bologna Tapes" which came out on Ogun in the mid-80s. Sleeve notes by Riccardo Bergerone. Not our Riccardo, I presume?

riccardo said...

@ kinabalu

i knew R.Bergerone very well
having exchanged, with him, a lot
of tapes (in those years).

john said...

great, thanks for this. Live Dean never disappoints.

kinabalu said...

riccardo, no, I thought it wasn't you, as your surname is different, but I'm not surprised that you knew the other Riccardo. I could put up those two I mentioned, if they haven't been blogged elsewhere before.

riccardo said...

@ kinabalu

for sure both are (for the moment)
OOP but, "They all be on this road"
has been already blogged, while
"The Bologna Tapes" has yet to be posted.

riccardo said...

The same quartet (Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg, September 16, 1977)

black sun said...

we don't have this quartet recorded officialy, but adding mark charig we get the quintet fom japo's lp 'boundaries'...

black sun said...

my mistake: the bassist on the japo disc is marcio mattos, not henry miller.

Andy I said...

Terrific! Surely this was the ideal grouping for all concerned.
Big thanks.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Originally posted by Riccardo.


Nod y said...

As written in the original post this band never officially recorded, the only official album that get closer to this band is the EDQ "they all be on this old road", but with Chris lawrence replaced Harry Miller