12 January 2010

Mario Schiano : Partenza Di Pulcinella Per La Luna (1974)

I've found, among my old tapes, this exhilarating OOP disc
by the late Mario Schiano : just digitalized and ready to share.

Rec. at RCA Studios, Rome, Italy, on May 20/21/22/24, 1974
[RCA TPL1 1117 series "Vista" n.7 (LP)]

Mario Schiano,alto sax,vocal (2,5,6),piano (6,8),elettric piano (12),organ (5)
Tommaso Vittorini,tenor sax (1,3,5,10,12,14,15),soprano sax (7,13), piano (2,4,9),elettric piano (7),organ (14)
Gianni Basso,tenor sax (5,9,11)
Gaetano Delfini,trumpet (1,7,15)
Puccio Sboto,piano (1,15),melodica (12),vibraphone (7,10,13,14)
Bruno Tommaso,bass (-4,6,8,9)
Alessio Urso,bass (9,10,14)
Gege' Munari,drums (-4,6)
Donatina De Carolis,vocal (10,14)
Toni Cosenza,reciting voice (14)

01. E' Sempre Primavera [M.Schiano] (0:23)
02. Matrice Due [T.Vittorini] (1:27)
03. Mais Notre Mai Continue [M.Schiano] (7:35)
04. All'Alba Di Un Altro Di' [T.Vittorini] (0:32)
05. You're My Last Bus [Schiano-Vittorini] (2:18)
06. Lord, Our Daily Bread Is Too Expansive : Let Us Know Why [M.Schiano] (0:26)
07. Stando Cosi' Le Cose [T.Vittorini] (3:13)
08. Matrice Uno [M.Schiano] (0:28)
09. Featuring [T.Vittorini] (4:59)
10. Diecimila Amori Proibiti [M.Schiano] (3:55)
11. E-Scala-Tion [M.Schiano] (3:30)
12. Descubrimiento Del Quarto, Quinto Y Sexto Mundo [M.Schiano] (2:25)
13. Moon Line : No Trespassing [M.Schiano] (5:23)
14. Lontano E Vicino [M.Schiano]/E' Sempre Primavera [M.Schiano] (4:03)

Total Time 40:43


riccardo said...

mp3 (94 MB) :

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Anonymous said...

Great!!!!! Thanks for this rare and historical item!

ilariorozen said...

Hi brother friend Ric
incredible surprise
this is very great, not only for the music, but for the spirit of that period.
with devotion, many many thanks.

Wallofsound said...

As always, thanks for sharing.

mario said...

Thank you Riccardo - this is really rare!

Spazz numbNuts said...

wonderful, record thanks riccardo!

alessandro said...

Thank you for the usual great job. Just one point: PLEASE don't use rapidshare any longer! Most of the times I try to download from it, I get a message like "Unfortunately right now our servers are overloaded and we have no more download slots left for non-members. Of course you can also try again later". Thus, I need an average two days to download 3 flac files from it. My advice is sharebee.com: you upload your files on sharebee and sharebee uploads them on 5 different servers (including rapidshare, anyway) at the same time. Then, to download them you just have to skip the ads, which is far quicker than waiting for a rapidshare "download slot left for non-members".
Thank you so much

Calisan said...

Mega rare!! Thanks but I like to see the artwork in more resolution, like many others friends in this case well worth it!!! please
y gracias Riccardo desde Latinoamerica!!

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onxidlib said...

Great! I only recently realised that we have some Mario Schiano on IS.

After purchasing Mario Schiano's "Apollon - una fabbrica occupata" and "On The Waiting List" I'm curious to hear more early music from him.

Very welcome opportunity - Thank you!

JC said...

Admittedly not very familiar with his work but since these files were still here I gave it a try and am impressed with this effort. I doubt I'll ever see the original album on these shores so will listen to these more (I usually skip the releases).

Anonymous said...

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Stefano said...

A big thank you!

Solomon said...

Thank you!