5 January 2010

Charles Mingus Quintet - The Last Tour In Italy (1977) [NEW MP3 LINKS]

Today (January 5th) is the 31th anniversary of Mingus' death :
this post wants to be a tribute to the memory of one of the
Greatest in all the jazz history.

The photo above was taken in La Spezia (July 9,1977) while the
band was playing the "Cumbia & Jazz Fusion" suite.

[1,2,8,9] Rec. live in Aosta, Italy, on July 7, 1977
(mix recording)
[3,4,7,12] Rec. live in Orta (NO), Italy, on July 8, 1977
(mix recording)
[5,6,10,11] Rec. live in La Spezia, Italy, on July 9, 1977
(mics recording)

Charles Mingus,bass
Ricky Ford,tenor saxophone
Jack Walrath,trumpet
Bob Neloms,piano
Dannie Richmond,drums

01. For Harry Carney (18:33)
02. Remember Rockefeller At Attica (12:30)
03. Cumbia & Jazz Fusion (25:19)
04. Nooddin’ Ya Head Blues (07:17)
05. Three Or Four Shades Of Blues (10:02)
06. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (10:11)
07. Cherokee (01:06)
08. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat [Alt. Take] (09:52)
09. Three Or Four Shades Of Blues [Alt. Take Inc.] (06:38)
10. For Harry Carney [Alt. Take] (16:14)
11. Cumbia & Jazz Fusion [Alt. Take Inc.] (09:01)
12. Remember Rockefeller At Attica [Alt. Take] (08:36)

Total Time 2:15:23


riccardo said...
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trane said...

Thanks for this colossal post Riccardo!

Ben Ellis said...

grazie mille!

hulaboy said...

Mahalo, Riccardo!

Anonymous said...

Riccardo, God bless U! george

Acaro said...

wait a sec... Shoot, the files have been removed! Nooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad. I haven't seen this precious stuff anywhere else, but t
he links are dead. It's a shame :( How about a repost? Please. Cheers. SIVAD_

riccardo said...

YES, thanks to the new rapidshare
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BTW here are new mp3 links (304 MB) :


Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for the new links, Riccardo. They work just fine (for now!). By the way, your blog is terrific and i hope it won't vanish in the haze. Thanks again from a fellow Dimer, SIVAD_

Bruno Zoia said...

C'ero anch'io a quel bellissimo concerto allo Stadio di La Spezia. Grazie per averlo postato.

duck said...

Very pleased to be able to get this Mingus, links are good as to the music. Many thanks again

Carlo Gavinelli said...

Orta San Giulio...bellissimo ricordo della Lunga Notte!!!

sergio said...

Can you repost please? Thanks.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Sergio - I do not have these files.

mew23 said...

flac (762 MB) single file
or split archive part 1 + part 2
mp3 (304 MB) zippy

sgolston said...

Thanks so much for the new links to this awesome material. The spirit of sharing is truly appreciated!!