28 December 2009

George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band - Live in Stuttgart '78

"George Gruntz's Concert Jazz Band, an orchestra that sticks to
originals by
bandmembers (both past and present) and the leader's
arrangements, has long
been one of the most stimulating of all jazz
big bands."
Scott Yanow

Rec. live in Stuttgart, Germany, on September 30, 1978
(radio broadcast)

George Gruntz,keyboards,arranger,conductor
Franco Ambrosetti/Palle Mikkelborg/Woody Shaw/Earl Gardner,trumpets
Runo Erickson/Jimmy Knepper/Eje Thelin/Michael Zwerin,trombones
Jerry Dodgion/Bennie Wallace/Alan Skidmore/Lew Tabackin,reeds
Howard Johnson,tuba
John Scofield,guitar
Mike Richmond,bass
Lois Colin,harp
Elvin Jones,drums

1. Destiny [G.Perla] (12:11)
2. Napoleon Blown Apart [F.Ambrosetti] (14:31)
3. The Age Of Prominence [F.Ambrosetti] (23:21)

Total Time 50:05


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Many thanks and a hug, dear friend, for this interesting tape (the lineup is impressive) and a couple
of others, but also for running such a nice site. Pls.don't become dispirited! There'll always be a
huge gap between the number of downloads and that of comments, it's been a fact of life since the
world of blogs begun: if you want to keep on blogging, I believe you'll have to live with that...
Anyway, I love much of the stuff posted here and will come back for more sometime soon.
In the meantime, please don't quit!

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