3 December 2009

D.Gillespie/J.Moody/M.Roach feat. WDR Big Band - live in Moers '81 "Charlie Parker Memorial Concert"

This comes from a request the taper of the concert ("Ilario") made me,
having i
a copy of the recording while he has lost the original. I was in
doubt about the request : this could be considered a privatistic use of
the blog, but when "Ilario" promised me a rare bottle of "Brunello di
for the upload, i've changed my opinion...

BTW, not avant-garde, but a very good concert that opened the 10th
Moers Festival : the "glorious" WDR Big Band strengthened by three
icons of the BeBop era in a program dedicated to Bird.

The photo above (taken at the concert) is by the great photographer
dear friend of us : Luigi Zanon.

Rec. live at the 10th "Moers Festival", Moers, Germany,
on June 5, 1981 (mics recording)

Dizzy Gillespie,trumpet
James Moody,alto saxophone
Max Roach,drums

WDR Big Band : Werner Müller,conductor — Bob Coassin/Rick Kiefer/
Heinz Schachtner/Jupp Keuser,tp — Jiggs Wigham/Dave Horler/Heinz
Zimmermann/Hugo Dörfler,tb — R.Warleigh/Eddi Reisner,as — Harald
Rosenstein/Heiner Wiberny, ts — Paul Peucker,bs — Bora Rokovic,p —
Jean Warland,b — Milan Lulic,gt — Spiro Karras,dr

01. Now's The Time (03:50)
02. Barbados (06:25)
03. Lover Man (04:20)
04. Cool Blues (06:38)
05. 'Round Midnight (08:36)
06. J.C.Moses (04:52)
07. Ornithology (07:17)
08. Moose The Mooche (05:37)
09. Out Of Nowhere (04:20)
10. A Night In Tunisia (10:03)
11. Parker's Mood (05:12)
12. Drums Solo (04:25)
13. Now's The Time (11:31)
14. Bird Of Paradise (09:21)
15. Scrapple From The Apple (05:09)
16. Dexterity (04:18)

Total Time 1:43:49


riccardo said...

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ilariorozen said...

friend, many many thanks.

the bottle is confirmed
Brunello Riserva Banfi 1999

Anonymous said...

Track 1 is "Now Is The Time". Thanks for this post.


riccardo said...

@ Dan, yes of course, track #1 is
Now's The Time : i've titled first
track 13 and then i haven't thought
anymore at the same title.
I can add that, probably, Moody joins
the Band on track 3 (Lover Man) while
Dizzy and Max on track 4 (Cool Blues)

Aktivista Neumorni said...

Unfortunately the link to this marvelous concert is dead. Would you be so kind to repost the concert because I collect Yugoslav musicians.

francisco santos said...

re post, please ...
THX !....