24 December 2009


Here's a TERRIFIC show gleaned online.... one of the many great German Free Music broadcasts of the 70's that have been preserved by Tapers and Trader's over the years.
To non Europeans ,even those whose radio arts programs are Government funded, its pleasantly odd and constantly amazing , just how much significant music was sponsored and broadcast in Western Europe...in the 60's and 70's ( and still)

help spread the goodness by sharing whatever you download ... and Buying as much as possible, all involved save for Steve Lacy are still alive and making great music.... all have extensive discographies.

Ive only Just re listened to this ..... a jaw dropingly stunning gig.....amazing shit... all improvs plus a great version of Lacy's bone!
the sound quality is very good....

Thanks to the Original Dime-a-Dozen Seeder Mbutchko... and whomever had the, for sight to record it !!

Jazz ín der Kammer 1978
East Berlin, Germany

fm->cd trade->eac->tlh->flac

Peter Brotzmann-ss/ts/as
Evan Parker-ss/ts
Willem Brueker-ss/ts/bcl
John Tchicai-ss/as
Steve Lacy-ss
Klaus Koch-bass
Gunter Sommer-drums

1. Group Improv (KK/GS out) 7:48
2. Trio Improv (JT/KK/GS) 6:33 ->
3. Evan Parker solo 5:50 ->
4. Duo Improv (SL/WB) 6:45
5. Duo Improv (PB/GS) 5:35
6. Duo Improv (WB/EP) 6:47 ->
7. Bone (Lacy) (SL/KK/GS) 6:10 ->
8. Klaus Koch solo 4:41 ->
9. Duo Improv (JT/PB) 5:49
10.Willem Breuker Solo 5:47
11.Group Improv 10:57
TT 72:46

Enjoy .... share freely DO NOT SELL!!
youll find some relevant info about all of the performers (other than Lacy)... and links to labels where you can Buy their official releases....


BTW- a great disc of the same name ....'saxophone Special' under Lacy's leadership can be found here
highly recommended!


Spazz numbNuts said...
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freebones said...

this is really neat.

i like when PB has to be tempered by others.

thanks a ton, and a happy season to you.

1009 said...

Incredible how these shows turn up. Very excited to hear these ensembles. Sort of Company-esque.

Arcturus said...


y gracias . . .

Spazz numbNuts said...

More vintage Broetzmann...

Peter Brötzmann, ts,cl,bars
Keith Tippett, p,prep.p
Harry Miller, b
Willi Kellers, dr,vib

München, Germany

05.July 1983

lineage: aud.cass.master > reeltape > CDR (EAC) > .flac (trlilh)
recording & processing, upload > DIME (04/2009): Owombat

Set I (41:12)
1) 18:40
2) 07:48
3) 14:42

Set II (32:35)
1) 06:42
2) 19:59
3) 05:52

Set III (28:55)
4) 08:26
5) 07:50
6) 12:37

total concert: (102:38)


Alex Cap V said...

"Saxophon Special" photo, Jazz in der Kammer, 1977

onxidlib said...


john said...

thank you; I ignored this at first, thinking it looked like it might all be too dense, but have just looked properly and see it's smaller groupings from the larger ensemble, looks very good.