1 November 2009

Out To Lunch - Live in Paris '09

myra melford

i've got this recording from "Ilario" some days ago, apparently one
of the many Dolphy tributes, in fact one of the best of the last years,
together with that by Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra.
The group was formed in March 2008 for a concert in homage to
E.Dolphy's album at Merkin Concert Hall,NYC, and, during March
2009, they did a short tour in Europe.

Rec. live at "Festival Banlieues Bleues", Paris, France, on March 8th,
2009 (radio broadcast)

Roy Nathanson,alto & soprano saxophones
Russ Johnson,trumpet
Myra Melford,piano
Brad Jones,bass
Georges Schuller,drums

1. Hat And Beard [E.Dolphy] (13:17)
2. Something Sweet, Something Tender [E.Dolphy] (07:36)
3. Gazzelloni [E.Dolphy] (06:57)
4. Out to Lunch [E.Dolphy] (11:53)
5. Straight Up And Down [E.Dolphy] (11:52)
6. Blue Devil [G.Schuller] (09:56)
7. So Long, Eric [C.Mingus] (11:21)
8. Love Suite [E.Dolphy] (02:57)

Total Time 75:48


riccardo said...

mp3 only (173 MB) :


Anonymous said...

Hello, many thanks for your fine work here, gents!

Just thought I'd drop this in here seeing as it's related.
I'm putting it in the comments because I couldn't find any other way to contact you, but if you want to make a separate entry of it, please feel free.

This is Elliott Dalgleish's Mute Canary Project performing a Tribute to Eric Dolphy live at the Audiopollen Social Festival 2009 in Brisbane, Australia.
It's one continuous piece, improvisation punctuated by compositions (mainly by Dolphy but some others as well), split into two parts. There is also a short excerpt from an improvisation by just the saxophones at the end. The piece starts off with the trio of Brad Upton on guitar, Chris Vale on drums and Massimo Magee on tenor sax, before the whole band comes in after a few minutes. Full details in the folder:

mp3 (93 MB):


Anonymous said...

i just read that the above link will only work for 10 downloads. If anyone has an account with rapidshare that allows more than 10 downloads, or wants to upload it to another site without that kind of restriction, please feel free to do so!

ilariorozen said...

Hi arraymusic
ED very great musician , and all the tribute are very interesting

riccardo said...

@ arraymusic

re-uploaded on my premium account :


Boromir said...

One of my favourite Dolphy albums. Many thanks riccardo.

Arcturus said...

thanks Riccardo - look fwd to hearing this when I can - curious to hear Myra's approach to ED - my sense of her playing is that she sometimes mines veins opened by Andrew Hill - so this could work very well - hard to go wrong w/ that material (tho I was pretty disappointed by that 5Spot remake w/ original rhythm section) - Trio3 the other night in Sf kicked off their set w/ an electrifying rendition of Gazzeloni

asever, gone, in the air . . .
appreciate as well the up & re-up from arraymusic

Anonymous said...

no problem, I hope you enjoy it Arcturus!

sasha said...

Interesting session here..For me it actually throws up a lot of questions..As a tribute the musicians here have clearly studied their source material and seem to be mining it as an improvisatory source as well as, to an extent, exaiming the freer ends of it..Dolphy's quoted intention from 'Out to Lunch' was for a free date so I feel this is the appropriate stance..The most difficult element within this music is that high-lighted by Tony Williams who in an intereview spoke about this music only really having a life within the studio because it had as much in common with contemporary classical music as with the jazz of its day..This for instance makes demands upon dynamic levels, subtle ryhthm play and degrees of atonality which he felt the-then 'jazz' audience would find hard to accept in a night club setting..This aspect of the music I find less at play in these performances..A worthy project none the less.