23 October 2009

Paul Motian Trio - Live in Alassio '77


This was the first and only time that i had the chance
of listening David Izenzon live : after ten years of
retirement he was starting playing again with P.Motian
and C.Brackeen in this short lived trio.
What a marvellous bass player, one of the greatest
of the sixties together with Charlie Haden, Scott LaFaro,
Henry Grimes, Jimmy Garrison and few others.

Rec. live in Alassio, Italy, on September 3rd, 1977
(mics recording)

Charles Brackeen,tenor & soprano saxophones
David Izenzon,bass
Paul Motian,percussions

1. Abacus (05:52)
2. Lullaby (07:16)
3. Prelude (08:42)
4. Waltz Song (09:07)
5. Dance (09:10)

Total Time 40:09


riccardo said...

mp3 (88 MB) :

flac (236 MB) :


olie said...

thanks for this. the recording of this band 10 days later thats already on Inconstant Sol is incredible, looking forward to comparing...

matt w said...

Wow. This looks amazing -- two geniuses who didn't record nearly enough, not to mention Motian, a genius who recorded plenty. It's great to have more of this group than the single album Dance (and Le Voyage with Jenny-Clark on bass instead).

I just noticed that Sotise posted another concert by this band in December: http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2008/12/paul-motian-trio-live-in-bremen-139.html

Just wanted to thank you again, riccardo, for all the wonderful music you post.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, riccardo, Motian is a real favourite of mine.

Miklos said...

Thanks a lot for posting this. Charles Brackeen is a big favorite of mine, indeed extremely underrecorded. Can't wait to listen to this concert!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! So excited to hear this, I might just cry a little!

Anonymous said...

Aaaah, the good old days.

Sam said...

Any chance of a re-upload?

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

I hope I'm not overstepping a line by offering my own links here. I believe these are riccardo's original FLACs in one folder. In a second folder, since I had to split the file anyway, I tossed in a small "bonus" of the Joe&Bill trio broadcast live from Clusone in '92, 4 tunes.
I don't have the Trio in Bremen that was also requested, but I do happen to have the Quintet in Bremen in '81 & '83. I'll get those in the Contributions section soon.
Yay Paul Motian!


francisco santos said...

can you re post again?...