4 October 2009

Les Rallizes Denudes - live at Shibuya Yaneura, Tokyo 1979

Back in the early days of this blog, there were a few postings of this band, basically from bootlegged cds in limited circulation. The comments concluded with that "we defiantly need more Rallizes posted!!" Indeed! So here is a continuation, from a concert in 1979. Over the last six months or so, altogether six concerts have appeared on the Dime network, covering the 1976-1987 period, all courtesy of "fyk fyk", who seems to keep good track of events in the Japanese musical underground. Some of these other posted sets are huge, but hugely valuable, too, for those of us interested in Fushitsusha and the wacky Shibusashirazu Orchestra, which I was lucky to witness in full flight back in 2000.

What to say about the Rallizes? A lot has been written about the band, about its mystique, its far- left leanings and its reputation for ear-shattering feed back, the latter certainly in evidence here. The basic formula is a rock-solid rhythm section of guitar, bass and drums laying down a steady riff which leaves main man Takashi Mizutani to overlay vocals drenched in reverb and to spin guitar solos that frequently disappear in a white wall of noise. An inspiration for Keiji Haino, for sure, but possibly for Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, too? In any case, innovators in their time, but largely neglected by the general rock audience outside Japan. Their loss, I guess. If this catches on, we'll have more Rallizes here.

Basic info:

Les Rallizes Denudes
Shibuya Yaneura, Tokyo, Japan

Lineage : Trade CDR > HDD > WAV > flac > u

AUD source : 88min

Setlist :

- disc1
1.Enter the Mirror

- disc2
7.The Last One

Please fill in, if possible.


kinabalu said...







Anonymous said...

OK this looks really interesting...hopefully not for hipster use only...

wm said...

thanks so much for this.

just an awesome band!


Ochyming said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this.
Do you have (lossless) -

1980-01-16 "Yaneura", Shibuya, Tokyo
1983-10-10 "Meguro Rokumeikan" Tokyo
1987-05-13 "Meguro Rokumeikan", Tokyo

Thanks again.

kinabalu said...

Yes, I have all three, but uploading all would come to about 1.7 gb, so do you have any preferences among the three?

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I love Les Rallizes Denudes like this - haunting and beautiful... would be nice to hear more, if you mind?

Anonymous said...

"kinabalu said...

Yes, I have all three, but uploading all would come to about 1.7 gb, so do you have any preferences among the three?"
Thanks for responding.
I appreciate your offer, and I'll go with 1980-01-16 "Yaneura", Shibuya, Tokyo.

AmadeusMI said...

Hi, please can you re-upload FLAC link part 3. It's offline. And can you upload

1983-10-10 "Meguro Rokumeikan" Tokyo
1987-05-13 "Meguro Rokumeikan", Tokyo

in mp3 please!!! so it's no so big. Thanks a lot, long live RALLIEZ!!!!

kinabalu said...
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please re-up the flac files! Thank you!

kinabalu said...

New link:


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Thank you very much to re-up!

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Thank you!

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Thank you very much!