14 October 2009

Kenny Wheeler Quartet - Live in Rome '78


This wonderful quartet was on tour during summer '78
and unfortunately (at my knowledge) didn't leave any
official recording. So i hope, you'll enjoy this one made
by "Ilario".

Rec. live at the "II Rassegna Della Quercia Del Tasso",
Rome, Italy, on July 3rd, 1978 (mix recording)

Kenny Wheeler,trumpet
Evan Parker,tenor & soprano saxophones
Barry Guy,bass
Paul Lytton,drums

1. E.Parker (15:18)
2. K.Wheeler & P.Lytton #1 (11:10)
3. K.Wheeler & P.Lytton #2 (07:55)
4. B.Guy [unc.] (11:27)
5. Quartet (34:02)

Total Time 1:19:54


riccardo said...

mp3 (178 MB) :

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Wallofsound said...

This really is special. Many thanks. It's made my day.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely.
Thank you! (Scholleck)

matt w said...

Wow. this looks great.

alec said...

Thank you Ilario for taping and letting this recording out and thank you Riccardo for digitizing and sharing with us!

doghouse said...

Really looking forward to this - thanks very much

Jazz from Italy said...

THANKS, Thanks, thanks a lot!!!

wightdj said...

Excellent, the quartet piece sounds vaguely like something Kenny and Evan played on the ECM session, Around Six. Thanks, much appreciated.

sotise said...

thanks again to both of you , great group ... very special indeed

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, really rare and exciting stuff. I had no idea this group ever existed.

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thanks very much for this, I'm still downloading but it looks really interesting and I never knew of the existance of this quartet.

Mark said...

This has to be excellent! Thanks very much.

hulaboy said...

thank you, riccardo. kenny wheeler is a great favorite, especially in adventurous company like this.

Miklos said...

Can't wait to listen to this! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a jewel! Thank you Riccardo.

1009 said...

Always looking to give Wheeler another chance & this looks like a great one. Thanks much, ric.

Muvangua said...

Five or six years ago Riccardo was posting some amazing Italian concerts from the seventies.
It would be very good to have some of them available again!
There were two posts of the quartet with Kenny Wheeler, Evan Parker, Barry Guy & Paul Lytton, from Lovere & Rome in 1978, which I’d love to hear.
Historically valuable & otherwise completely unobtainable!

onxidlib said...

I have the Rome concert on my pc - I will upload it later. The recording from Lovere I have on a cd-r which I shall re-up during the next few days.

onxidlib said...


Muvangua said...

Very many thanks for this - a fine tribute to the late, great Kenny Wheeler. Interesting to compare it with the 1994 Vortex gig by the same line-up (http://inconstantsol.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/parkerguylytton-kenny-wheeler-1994.html)
sixteen years later...