26 October 2009

80/81 - Live in Rome '81


80/81 a short lived super-group born within the German
label ECM, for which recorded the homonymous (and fine)
double LP in May 1980.
This Roman concert (taped by "Ilario") was part of the '81
European tour (the day before they played at the Willisau
Festival) and i think, it could be an interesting integration
at the poor official discography.

Rec. Live at the "V Rassegna Della Quercia Del Tasso",
Rome, Italy, on August 31, 1981 (mics recording)

Michael Brecker/Dewey Redman,tenor saxophone
Pat Metheny,electric guitar
Charlie Haden,bass
Jack DeJohnette,drums

1. Broadway Blues [Coleman] (27:57)
2. James [Mays,Metheny] (23:54)
3. Open [Brecker,DeJohnette,Haden,Metheny,Redman]
4. Turnaround [Coleman] (37:35)

Total Time 2:02:11


riccardo said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank You!

wightdj said...

Great band, thanks.

hulaboy said...

Many thanks! Dewey Redman is a great favorite.

hulaboy said...

Dewey's "Turnaround" solo is classic! Thanks again.

Wallofsound said...

There's some interesting music here, but it never ceases to amaze me that people present at such live events just talk all the way through! It's irritating enough when present, but mic recordings like this make it hard (for me at least) to zone out their chatter. How can anyone be in the room when Redman is playing like this and chat about inanities? Rant over (for now).

Anonymous said...

Did this guy play 2hs in a concert and this in a festival? I never saw this in my life /except by some Rivibea loft sessions - with musicians coming in & out)

Is this shure fron one concert only?


Anonymous said...

I downloaded it (thanks) and i'm trying to listen to it...
allmost impossible it sounds like the outside one pizzaria in summer time.
To the trash with such italian piazza tapes.


Wally said...

Thanks for the post. Thanks for all your posts.
I have to agree with the comments above though. Parts of it are truly unlistenable. I think I'll probably end up cuting the quieter sections where it's most annoying.
Cheers, Wally

Wally said...

ps does anyone know how to make the 'email fllow-up comments' option default to yes? I keep forgetting to click it.

Treg said...

Thanks for this! Just one note - the third track is "Offramp" (Metheny/Mays), not "Open."

alicia felip said...

Congratulations for your great website. Could you please re-post the links for this concert? Thank you. All the best, Alicia fanewlands@aol.com

fenderrhodes2006 said...

Hi Alicia, you bought cds from me in december and now you have requested a paypal refund for 'unorthorized' card. Please contact me.

Anonymous said...

can someone please upload a new link?? dying to hear this

francisco santos said...

re post, please !...
Big THX !...

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re up please please? thx :)