9 September 2009

John Tchicai and The Open Orchestra - Live in Ceglie '08

An original project for the "Ceglie Jazz Open Festival",
that gathers together some of the best Italian
composers/improvisers with an "Old Lion" of the
free-jazz scene.

Live broadcast recorded at Piazza del Plebiscito,
Ceglie Messapica (Brindisi), Italy, on July 25th, 2008

John Tchicai,tenor sax,wooden flute,vocal
Angelo Olivieri,trumpet,flugelhorn,pocket trumpet,vocal
Mario Fragiacomo,trumpet,flugelhorn,vocal
Luca Bonvini,trombone,slide trumpet,vocal
Tony Cattano,trombone,vocal
Stefano Maltese,alto and soprano saxes,flute,vocal
Pasquale Innarella,tenor sax,vocal
Gianni Lenoci,piano,magnetic tape,vocal
Antonio Borghini,bass,vocal
Marcello Magliocchi,drums,vocal

1. Way To Nowhere [S.Maltese] (15:45)
2. Bernoulli Strata [G.Lenoci] (16:37)
3. The Spiritual Man [J.Tchicai] (09:27)
4. Ceglie Open City [P.Innarella] (10:33)

Total Time 52:23


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Listening now ... this is fantastic stuff. Grazi!

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Any chance for a re-up? Thank you.

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This is really cool. Diggin' it a lot. Thanks for spreading the wealth.

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Wonderful! Thank you for the re-up.

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