17 September 2009

Andrea Centazzo & Lol Coxhill - Live in Lovere '78

A duo active between the end of the seventies and the
early eighties, that sometimes turned to trio with the
addition of Austrian trumpeter Franz Koglmann.

Rec. live in Lovere, Italy, on July 1st, 1978
(mics recording)

Andrea Centazzo,percussions
Lol Coxhill,soprano saxophone

1. Darkly (30:48)
2. Encore (05:02)

Total Time 35:50


riccardo said...

lame (69 MB) :


flac (132 MB) :


serviceton said...

riccardo, thankyou! Wonderful. Centazzo prefers just the small and straightforward drum kit and accoutrements doesn't he ? ;o)

sotise said...

oh , you 're killing us Riccardo..spoling us !!!!...
this looks beautiful....precious!!
thanks again!!....AGAIN!

intempestif said...

Thanks a lot for this one! really looking forward to hear it. Centazzo is a great percussionist and I especially like his duos with Coxhill and Lacy. I think he's got two albums with each of them. Lacy/Centazzo duos must be OOP and Coxhill duos are available from Centazzo's Ictus label (also as mp3s).

Anonymous said...

Great post. Coxhill's stuff he did with guitarist Mike Cooper in the Recedents was also top notch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! I'll download this one soon.
Is this recording from 1978 or 1979? (both dates are given)

riccardo said...

the right date is : July 1st, 1978

mario said...

Thank you. This brings back memories of summer festivals of the 70s in Italy. That very summer, just a few weeks later, I attended a solo performance by A. Centazzo in Viareggio. Needless to say I didn't have a tape recorder with me ...

Ictus75 said...

Excellent. Many thanks. Any other Centazzo would be appreciated.