18 June 2009

Steve Lacy Trio - Live in Milan '77

Simply Lacy at his best...

Rec. live at the "Teatro Lirico", Milan,
Italy, on June 4th, 1977 (mix recording)

Steve Lacy,soprano saxophone
Kent Carter,bass
Andrea Centazzo,percussions

1. Stamps (05:17)
2. The Crust (14:55)
3. Outline (08:51)
4. Underline (06:20)
5. Coastline (12:07)
6. Deadline (14:03)
7. Ducks (09:15)

Total Time 1:10:50


riccardo said...

lame (162 MB) :

flac (498 MB) :

Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias Riccardo ,soy un entusiasta de Steve Lacy ,saludos

wightdj said...

I sure miss Lacy. Anything by him is worth checking out, but this trio was consistently brilliant.

Afoforo said...

Ciao riccardo
ma tu di dove sei? hai delle registrazioni che dir rare è un eufemismo! ieri sono capitato su Bailey/Parker al giardino Scotto, organizzato dal CRIM e Eugenio Sanna (con cui suono da più di 10 anni ormai) e ho cominciato a pensare che tu sia italiano, sbaglio?
sono finito sul tuo sito attraverso third person con steve lacy, arrivando da non so più quale blog musicale. questo sistema è per me asolutamente nuovo (non più di tre mesi fa) e mi sta intrigando moltissimo.
complimenti per il tuo, che anche filosoficamente è decisamente corretto e importante culturalmente.
mi scarico questo lve di lacy e se riconosco qualche tema in più l prossima settimana provo a ripostarli.
grazie ancora
Jacopo / afoforomusicclub

1009 said...

Thanks, riccardo. This showed up elsewhere sometime back (I've forgotten where), and I believe this is the setlist:

1) Stamps
2) The Crust
3) Outline
4) Underline
5) Coastline
6) Deadline
7) The Duck

LYM said...

thanks for this Lacy's gem!
@1009 You're right this concert has been posted in september 2008 by the friend Pablo of "Folly For to See What". It was taken from a dime post. Really don't know if it's the same source, riccardo can tell us. Also the list tracking is correct, here is one of the few complete recordings of the Edge Suite. In four movements, written probably in the mid of the '70 it was recorded in its entirety only in 1981 for the Hat Hut label in the "Ballets" double Lp. Single tracks were recorded for mid seventies on (in 1997 we found Deadline on Five Monk by five) so becoming an important reference for his solo performances. Two other official recordings by the same astonishing trio are on the Centazzo's Ictus labelnow reissued by the italian New Tone/Felmay label. They are Clangs (1976.02.20) and Live (1976.12.05) both recorded live in Casarsa Udine Italy.


riccardo said...

many thanks for the complete list

two or three things i can say about
this concert : 1. that evening i was there, but this is not a my recording (even if is in my collection from more than thirty years) 2. let me think that all the work (i made) for digitalizing and remastering the tape wasn't completely useless : maybe the sound is a little bit better in my version 3. this trio was really astonishing ! 4. Clangs was a duo set (Lacy/Centazzo) as the wonderful Tao (1976-1984) always for Ictus

a hug

wightdj said...

I realized I had the earlier post and compared sound quality last night. This version is superior. Double thanks!

LYM said...

my comment wasn't intended to minimize or neglect Your hard work at all! It was only to point out and confirm 1009 suggestion. Any Lacy post is in my opinion a gift even if it has been posted elsewhere. :-)
You're right when You say that "Clangs" is a duo and not a trio. I've got those recording in my collection, probably Centazzo's work is so full of energy and musical resources that has meke me forget the absence of a bass player?


jazzme said...

Posted on Folly for too see what along time ago track 3 . Outline Track 4 . Underline

Bozo the Lacyholic said...

This is now an official release on the ICTUS label, #161.It has been titled "Lost in June". The tracks are in a different running order. The cover isn't the greatest,IBHO, but who cares about that? Fantastic show indeed.

Riccardo said...

Would you please reupload it?