9 June 2009

Steve Lacy sextet Wuppertal 1983 jan 14

Steve Lacy Sextet
Wuppertal, Germany,1983-January-14

Steve Lacy,soprano sax
Steve Potts,soprano and alto sax
Irene Aebi,cello,voice
Bobby Few,piano
Jean-Jacques Avenel,bass
Oliver Johnson,drums

Total timing 54:31

1 Announcement Speaker 2:10
2 Sands Suite: Stand 9:10
3 Sands Suite: Jump 10:48
4/5 Sands Suite: Fall 6:39/2:15
6 Gay Paree Bop 19:41
7 Announcement SL/StP 0:32
8 Announcement Speaker 0:16/0:08
10 The Whammies! (fade-out) 2:52

Lineage: fm > cdr trade > flac > dime

Sound Rating: A-

From this concert exists some more files:

Stamps/The Blinks/Raps 16:21/The Whammies! complete

Thanks to JAZZRITA who uploaded this on dime in 09.04.19

Steve Lacy with his "classical" and enduring band. An astonishing group with Potts, Aeby and Avenel. In my opinion one of the best groups of the eighties. In 1983 Steve Lacy was still at the top of his form and with this same sextet recorded that masterpiece called Songs.

Enjoy the music!

I had this new graphic design program and enjoyed myself thinking to this fake album cover. The shot was taken by me in the court of a marvellous ancient villa in northern Italy just before a marvellous concert given by Roberto Ottaviano (sop, sax) and Han Bennink (drums). I thought this, as the whole concert by the way, could be a fine homage to Mr. Steve Lacy.


LYM said...

File name: Steve Lacy - (1983) Wuppertal 01-14-1983 [sextet] - (boot) [FLAC]





JL.TAGLICH said...

I have not listened yet, but this should be a superb set.

Thank you.

Brakhage said...

Oh hell yes.

I haven't even heard of the Sands Suite!

This is truly awesome, deep thanks.

zebtron said...

thanks LYM, anything by this group is a welcome addition

zebtron said...

thanks LYM, great to find anything new by this group

wightdj said...

Good stuff, thanks.

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Anonymous said...

Muchas gracias LYM muy bueno, muy agradecido por el posteo en mediafare mucho mejor que rapishare.

Anonymous said...

LYM, many thanks. Will there be mp3 to follow or will this be a FLAC only post?

LYM said...

@ anonimous and anyone interested here. It will be a FLAC post only as any posted before by me here or elsewhere.
It's really easy and fast to convert FLAC to mp3 format.



serviceton said...

Many thanks LYM - Fantastic.
And a great 'album cover' you did there!
Thanks for explaining - I didn't *think* that grass looked German...

LYM said...

thanks for the appreciation and kindness!
Perhaps "Dutch" grass? Could it be?


Arcturus said...

I *do* love this period of Lcay's - very much looking fwd to hearing this, thanks!

E S said...

Your comments neglect the contributions of the great Oliver Johnson to the music of Lacy in this period.

htakat said...

it looks very interest ,thanks a lot for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Able to get parts 2-4, but part 1 gives me an error - can anyone give me a link for part 1? Thanks so much!

martin said...

Lym's files again:


Simon du Désert said...

Can you please reup???