21 June 2009

Paul Bley - Live in Milan '79

A fine performance by one of the true masters in
the modern jazz piano

Rec. live at "Teatro Ciak", Milan, Italy on May
23th, 1979 (mics recording)

Paul Bley,piano

1. All The Things You Are (22:26)
2. Turnaround (09:06)
3. Please, Don't Ever Leave Me (07:13)
4. Ida Lupino (12:02)
5. Ramblin' (05:00)
6. Harlem (03:54)

Total Time 59:45


riccardo said...

lame (136 MB) :

flac (371 MB) :

trane said...

Thanks Riccardo, nice performance, and a great blog indeed, one of the very best, for its choice to concentrate on more experimental jazz, and on almost exclusively live recordings

8mmbolex said...


black sun said...

the unknown piece is one of his greatest: it appears as "PLEASE, DON'T EVER LEAVE ME" on AXIS ('77), as "PLEASE" on TANGO PALACE ('83), or as "NOOSPHERE" (embelished by GARY PEACOCK & PAUL MOTIAN) on NOT TWO, NOT ONE('98). he use to play this theme on almost every solo recital.

thanks a lot!

riccardo said...

Many Thanks black sun : sometime my brain is too lazy...

Arcturus said...

one again, thank you Riccardo for sharing yr wonderful concert collection

matt w said...

Thanks for sharing this.

I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but "Please Don't Ever Leave Me" is also known as "El Cordobes"; it's an Annette Peacock piece that Bley has recorded a few times (besides the ones Black Sun mentions, on Annette, Plays Annette Peacock, and there's an interesting electric version on Scorpio which I think is available on a disc called Circles).

black sun said...

actually 'el cordobes' is another song, matt: they are performed in a medley on 'axis', hence the confusion... speaking of medleys, there are plenty of them here (even on 'please' he uses a variation on the intro of 'tango palace'), maybe someone will identify all the standard tunes linked together by the bosendorfer master...

Anonymous said...

RIP Paul Bley
Is it possible a reup?
Ps happy new year to everyone (but Saudi Arabia and Iran don't think peace is a good thing for this 2016...)

Banyai said...

Bley was one of my favorite musicians

I.d like to ask, please, please REUP this solo concert/ and if possible,,

paul bley septet-live in hamburg 29/10/65
Paul Bley solo Blues Alley Washington, DC 2 October 1977

I have around 170 sessions, with Bley,,,,,but never enough
Thanks, thanks, many thnaks

Anonymous said...

can someone reup this one?
Thank you