5 June 2009

Anthony Braxton and Evan Parker in duet

We have posted these two gentlemen before, solo, in duos or in smaller and larger constellations, though not together, so about time then.

This was recorded on 2 June 1994 at the Weiler Concert Hall, Greenwich House Music School, New York, NY.

4 tracks in all, 43.15 minutes

Anthony Braxton (reeds)
Evan Parker (Tenor & ss)

With two such distinct players, it's always a treat to hear how they work in tandem and to these ears they mesh very well, covering the spectrum from quiet introspection to shrieks in the upper register and staccato stabs in the air, and as with good improvisors, always with a keen ear to what the other is doing.

So in other words, enjoy!


kinabalu said...


kinabalu said...



8mmbolex said...

a am awe struck.

Volkan Terzioglu said...

thank you very much, it is great to have them both, as always.

matt w said...

Great stuff -- they do work together really well. It reminds me of the trio album with Paul Rutherford, which has a lot of melodic interplay -- this one and the duo on Leo Records both seem to be available for download from Lulu.com, pretty cheap.

kike hurtado said...

Thank you to Kinabalu for sharing this great duo.

It sounds terrific!

best, Kike.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot kinabalu

grasprelease said...

Seems like both those guys were at the very height of their creative powers in the mid-90s, even if----if!----it was a time of refinement and personal boundary-pushing for both of them. Thx kinabalu!

Robert Whalley said...

Can you please post this again? Both the links are down. I was at this gig (so long ago!) and remember it as being fantastic, but I'd sure like to hear it again.
I'd be very grateful! Thanks!!

kinabalu said...



It would be great if you could spend a few words here on hearing it again 20+ years later!

Robert Whalley said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just listened to this last night. Fabulous.
As far as my recollections go, I think I was way off. Unless this isn't the gig I attended. But I'm pretty sure it was, and I cannot find any evidence of the two of them playing there together on any other occasion.
I'm not a jazz buff. In fact I wouldn't be offended if someone described me as a jazz tourist. I have a few albums by most of the major figures, but that's about it. I went to this show because a friend I was working with at the time mentioned it at the end of the work day and I thought "Hell, why not?". We worked in Chelsea and stopped off at a bar on the way there. So I was probably a little drunk by the time we got to the hall. Which reminded me of a village hall (but in a real village, not Greenwich Village!). I paid on the door. Maybe 10 bucks, maybe not even. The hall was full of folding chairs.
The way I remember it, Parker came on first and played solo for about 15-20 minutes, then Braxton came on solo for about the same. Then they played together. I think all the sound files are duets, so there might be sthe solo stuff missing. Unless my memory is shot.
I picked up on the circular-breathing thing straight away. Parker was scorching. Just a constant, unstoppable stream of notes. I realized I never saw him pause to take a breath. It just went on and on. Incredible. I was totally captivated.
One thing I noticed listening now is the music sounds very 'lyrical', almost pretty. I've been listening to a lot of Braxton recently (which is how I found this blog). It is very beautiful music. 22 years ago, I got off on the uncompromising extreme-ness of it all. Today, it sounds almost romantic. I guess the world has changed. I think the reason I've been listening to so much free jazz is to block out the US elections! Anthony Braxton seems a great example of the best this country can produce (I'm from the UK originally). Donald Trump seems like the absolute worst.
Thanks again for reupping this.

kinabalu said...

Thanks for sharing your recollections here. I once watched Parker doing his circular breathing at a concert I attended. We were sitting at a table quiet close to the players. He looked over at us and said "watch me now." After he had finished, he again looked at us and said "good?".

I don't think the solo parts were recorded or if they were, I haven't found them.