1 May 2009

Andrew Cyrille Trio - Live in Milan '78

When this concert was held, the Andrew Cyrille's
Quartet had just recorded the fine "Metamusicians'
Stomp" for Black Saint.
Here, unfortunately, David S.Ware (who completed
the quartet) isn't present, so you have "to be
pleased" with the simple trio.

Rec. live at "Il Capolinea", Milan, Italy,
on October 1st, 1978 (mics recording)

Andrew Cyrille,drums,african percussions
Ted Daniel,trumpet
Nick DiGeronimo,bass

1. African Percussions (15:28)
2. Gipsy Folk Tales (21:00)
3. Shell (20:35)
4. Prelude To A Kiss (12:29)
5. Unknown (27:04)

Total Time 1:36:39


riccardo said...

lame (221 MB) :

flac (649) :

alec said...

I can't tell you how thankful I am for all these live concerts you have been sharing riccardo. It's very generous of you to share your collection of live shows from these great musicians.

Wallofsound said...

riccardo, your posts are consistently interesting. Looking forward to listening to this one. Thanks for sharing.

Slothrop said...

Many thanks, Riccardo. I've been listening to Metamusicians' Stomp a lot lately, and I've finally developed a deep affection for Andrew Cyrille. (His formalism often left me cold in the past). Nick DiGeronimo is fantastic on that record, particularly when it slows down and gets mournful on the second side. Can't wait to hear more of this band.

matt w said...

Excellent stuff. Cyrille fans, don't forget "Junction" by the same band which was posted here earlier:


(Ware is on the first side, the second side is duet between Cyrille and Daniel.)

tommy_cooper said...

Simply marvellous! Thank you so much riccardo.

sasha said...

Great to hear Mr.Cyrille in full flow..Does anyone have a link to 'The Navigator' from this period? Been trying to track it down for a while...

Anonymous said...

A great thank Riccardo !

C said...

Thanks so much for all the live Jazz from Italy! I discovered your blog a year ago, but didn't bother with mp3 of out of print stuff. But now that you are sharing losslec recordings of live concerts, well I am very impressed!
Track 5 is Gossip written by Cyrille and on the GREAT Nuba lp with Lyons and Jeanne Lee.
I especially enjoy Cyrille's comments regarding taping. I don't think the musicians always know best!

daniel said...

hello guys
looking forward to Ted Daniel's recordings..

if re-post any of this albuns please let me know
thanks a lot!!