21 February 2009

A great new blog: I forgot clifford

Regular visitors to this blog may like to go and visit a kindred spirit at I forgot clifford. You really are in for a treat, as pablo has shared some very interesting jazz with a heavy emphasis on free improvisation and spirituality.

The blog hasn't even been going a month, and yet there is a whole load of great music. Some of it has been posted on the net already, but it all seems to be out of print (and in some cases very rare); in high quality mp3 files; and with good discographic information. The LPs have been digitised as single files, but it's not hard to cut them up to single tracks if that's how you like your music organised.

This is what pablo posted in the last few days:

Do drop by; but do say thank you, or contribute a comment on the music. It's hard work digitising music from vinyl LPs, and shares like these are very rare.


Anonymous said...

Yay The Sol!

Always generous!

olie said...

in case the 'i forgot clifford' host reads this - your comments don't seem to work. the anti spam device isn't showing the letters that you have to copy to comment...

Anonymous said...

thank you for the music.
but FLAC would be much more welcome.


pablo said...

I am a reluctant blogger. I made those vinyl rips for my teenage son. I have been a collector since the 60s. I got an Edirol interface to record my own jazz group and that opened the door to the vinyl rips. As for 320 mp3, that was my son's request. I ripped a lot of vinyl at 96 khz wav but the file size is cumbersome.

I am running low on out of print vinyl. I am reluctant to post CD rips that are available, since I am an advocate of buying music.


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT blog, Pablo. And good to know you're also with the artists.


John Leifert
Il Jazz Dottore

capt. freedom said...

Bravo to both Sol and the Forgetter of Clifford.

Anonymous said...

any content coming ?