9 February 2009

Anthony Braxton, Composition #113, Sound Aspects 003 (1984)

Here is Braxton at 39 at the peak of his intellectual and musical capabilities. Those were the years of the astonishing piano quartet (Braxton, Crispell, Dresser, Hemingway), but here we have a solo performance on Eb soprano saxophone. I don't want to go deep into musical meanings but let Mr. Braxton do it in his deep cover notes. Only want to say that here we have a corner stone in Braxton music, an astonishing performance without a moment of boring or lack of concentration.


Here the performance notes of Mr Braxton from inside folio.


The piece must be performed with one large photograph of a dark train station at midnight - positioned to the left of the instrumentalis (asn raised to around eight feet from the stage) and the photograph must be of a rainy and somewhat gloomy image - that gives one the impression of secrecy and desperation, ( the xact dimensions and specifiactions are in the score). To the right of the instrumentalis a long pole like stand should be positioned that contains a lighter railroad lantern. A given performance of composition 113 should include the use of four to six microphones that gives the instrumentalist sound direction and focus possibilities. To achieve this effect on the recording I requested the use of four directional like microphones.
The fantasy of Ojuwain represents an opportunity to move into the world of portrayal and intentions - as an effort to connect to the greater challenge of extended involvment. All of these matters are directly related to the route of my own creative growth (and attractions).
Composition No. 113 is dedicated to Pedro, Margit and Caetano de Freitas - in celebration of the forming of their own recording company. There is certainly a need for alternative companies that are interested in creative music.
Anthony Braxton
New Heaven, CT., Feb. 1984

Composition 113
(for one soloist, a large photograph, and prepared stage)

Anthony Braxton eb soprano saxophone

side 1
Section 1 [7:44]
Section 2 [7:27]
Section 3 [5:07]

side 2
Section 4 [6:47]
Section 5 [5:35]
Section 6 [4:45]

Composition bya Antony Braxton Synthesis Music (BMI)

Recorded December 6, 1983
at Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik,
Stuttgart, West Germany
Engineer: J. Wohlleben


LYM said...
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1009 said...

I feel like this album was posted here some time ago & then taken down for some reason. I might be thinking of something else, though.

Hey, admins: how about comment moderation? This stuff is getting to be a drag.

Bombshelter Slim said...

Great post!! Now, perhaps there needs to be some "admin monitoring" of the comments section. I really think we can dispense with all the crap that has been appearing and stick to comments actually relating to the posts. Or am I dreaming?

kinabalu said...


comments deleted (and I'll continue with the other posts later on).

Generally, could the commentators please stick to the topic of the post and refrain from commenting on you-know-who? Makes the job easier for me and the other admins. Do not feed the troll!

We have not discussed moderation as it would create extra admin burdens, but if it really gets out of hand, we might reconsider.

kinabalu said...


you're quite right, we'll have to see how this one plays out ...

plato said...

It took me some time to realize how extraordinary this post really was. According to AMG, this solo soprano album is one of the the best Braxton albums of the 1980's ["Braxton's tone is rich and luscious throughout and he freely draws on both blues and romanticism, making this one of his more accessible solo forays. Highly recommended." - AMG]. This is also an out-of-print rarity. Finally, the only alternative version you can find on the WEB is a not so attractive 128K version on soulseek.

So, I'm getting this now, despite the rather heavy download. Thank you LYM.

LYM said...

@plato and anyone here THANKS for the appreciation!

Totally agree with kinabalu "Do not feed the troll!". In my opinion moderation indispensable at this time.

upkerry14 said...

Sorry for posting this here but I am sleep deprived and a wee bit cranky. I cannot verify that Maarten Altena's PISA is OP. Can someone tell me if it is? I am happy to post it. thanks, Bill (off to bed dammit!)

serviceton said...

RE: The Conversational Tone on I-Sol lately - not too absorbing, is it? :o(

Sound Aspects 003 *was* posted here and the (erstwhile? current?) label owner Pedro de Freitas commented that he had it in print and gave his email address - soundaspects@gmx.com
I guess it got taken down subsequent to that..

upkerry14/Bill, I'm pretty sure that one's on Evan Parker's PSI label, and in print through Emanem

kinabalu said...

Another round of clean-up. As I said in a previous post, do not in any direct or indirect way make any personal, non-music-related, comments about a certain German trumpeter. They will be deleted as they appear. Stick to the topic of the post or make comments that are relevant to the music posted at this blog.

If this still does not help, moderation may be introduced, which is a drag, but in the present circumstances could be necessary.

kinabalu said...


yes, I remember that, but has anyone actually ordered something through that address? You could give it a try, and report back, but I doubt that you will have any response.

VenieroScolari said...

Thanks a lot for posting this excellent album. Braxton never was sure if he's a jazz musician or a "serious" composer. His improvisations -- I'd rather call 'em "comprovisations" -- are highly complex, and there is the saying that even Mr. Braxton himself is not able to read or to play accurately what he has written down in his cryptical notations ;-) But who knows?

LYM said...

@serviceton and kinabalu,
I've just written to the e-mail address YOU posted in Your comment. I was sure that the Sound Aspects has disbanded, I even wrote that news somewhere on the web. Anyway I've made private the files so If i've understand now It' impossible to download them. I'm waitin' for an answer From Pedro De Freitas.
I'd like to talk privately to You and the other contributors here for some ideas I've got and to take a clear position about recent trash comments. Since I don't know really how to come in contact with You, this is my mail address a_gaggero@alice.it.

nothing to smile this time!

kinabalu said...


after you've logged on, go to "settings" and then to "permissions" and you will see a list of the authors who can post to the blog and their email addresses.

Kreilly said...

I tried to dl these but mediafire says they are set to private. I'd love to hear this one if possible.

Louisville Dan said...

Yes, thanks for this post! Braxton is in fine, fine form here. So impressive.

LYM said...

@ Kreilly read my last comment here!
@kinabalu I've tried to do as You explained to me but withuot succeding in (!?) would You please send me mailing list of the contributors here? Thanks in advance.
I've received a private mail who is it? someone here please add the nick
Thanks again


kinabalu said...

LYM, that was me. I thought that list was accessible to all authors. Anyway, I'll forward the list by email.

Yet more Leicht-related posts. My patience's running out ...

Anagram Sam said...

Grazie mille, LYM -- this sound is like a collage of several Lawrence Durrell poems: mysterious, circuitous, and full of hidden beauty.

Anagram Sam said...
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LYM said...

Thanks again now the air is cleaner!

@never heard of Lawrence Durrell I'll try with him. Thanks for the suggestion!

SEE YOU :-) LYM (-:

Anagram Sam said...

Durrell is quite complicated, though rewarding.

Let's talk about Italian poets next time. Dante, D'Annunzio, Primo Levi, Ungaretti? Depends on the record.


kinabalu said...

Lawrence Durrell? The Alexandria Quartet, Tunc, Numquam, those are the ones I have, though full-length novels.

kinabalu said...

Oops, that should be Nunquam.

Anagram Sam said...

Yes -- definitely Italian poets.

Because the goal of a troll is to threadjack and change the subject.

After the Italian poets, we will discuss Portuguese architectecture.

Anagram Sam said...

Needless to say that the above comment is from some cynic, but not from me.

Anyway, apart from being an acclaimed novelist, Durrell also was a great poet; his most famous poetry may be found in "Cities, Plains and People" (1946). Rhythm, style, improvisation ... poetry and jazz can be quite close relatives.

Anonymous said...

Some Andrea" send me on Feb. 11 this:

HI Mr Pedro de Freitas,

I write You since I've posted in Inconstan Sol the vinylk rip of the album above. I was sure that Your fine label has disbanded, I even read that news somwhere! Otherway I never posted this album. Can You please give some correct informations about the Sound Aspects label? The first rule in IncSol, that coincide with my own opinion, is to post only OOP records.
When I could find Your label albums I've always bought ithem, t was (is?) a very fine one, and since my aim is only to documenting some good (lost?) music. Now I'll make private the links and when I'll receive Your kindly answer I'll know if i should delete the links or not.

Another request connected to You file label: since I've contributing to the John Carter discography in the next days I've searched on the we the riproduction of front cover of the John Lindberg, The East Side Suite, Sound Aspects 001. It seems almos impossible to find it on the web! Can You please help me. It's Bob Davenport and my desire to reproduce even the liner notes of the albums recorded by John Carter so it would be fine to have the back cover and liner notes too.

Thanks In advance.

Best Wishes.
And the results of my answer was Mailer-Daemon !

Anyway the Braxton stuff is avaliable on CD
but who cares.


LYM said...

@Pedro de Freitas
if You're really Pedro de Freitas(but I've so many doubts about that) why didn' You wrote me privately as I did? What's a Mailer-Daemon? I'm not english talks cleary and easily to me. Please write me at a_gaggero@alice.it or at a_gaggero@libero.it.
If You really are PdF and You don't care, why should i care?

Nothing to smile this time!


Kreilly said...

If you indeed sent that email then you know it is him.

Anonymous said...

tried dowloading part 1 - "This file is currently set to private.."
part 2 downlaods ok, but part 3 is also currently set to private..
I can't wait to hear an E flat soprano sax ...???

LYM said...

@PdF, gta and anyone interested in here,
As You can see I've deleted the links and the uploaded files in Mediafire since this album isn't an OOP but still in print as a Cd.

Enjou other Braxton recordings here. The Diamond Curtain Wall trio live in Tivoli near Rome (Italy) is, in my opinion, a true masterpiece!.


LYM said...

@PdF, the late anonymous, gta and anyone interested.
As You can se I've deleted the links and also the uploaded files in mediafire since this album is not an OOP but still in print as a cd.

Enjoy the other Braxton posted here. The Diamond Curtain Wall in Tivoli is a true masterpiece!