21 December 2008

Leroy Jenkins-solo concert (india navigation lp 1028) 1977

Here's the great Leroy Jenkins solo concert from 1977, again courtesy of Iain.
who says 'this is a very beautiful concert..I'm happy to be able to share it'

Jenkins here weaves a dense tissue of free improvisation interpolated with rustic folk forms,quotes from hymns and the blues.. cascading ripples of plangent scrapping creaky euphoria.
it features a very simple, lyrical rendition of Billy Strayhorn's lush life..one of the best
an awe inspiring concert from the late under recorded and appreciated master, long overdue for a carefully remastered reissue.

recorded at Washington square church N.Y.C, on January 11 1977
side a)
1. Improvisation
2. Why am i here
3. Opus
side b)
4. Lush life
5. Keep on trucking brother
6. Nobody knows the trouble i've seen

Leroy Jenkins -violin


Wallofsound said...

Wonderful. And another step forward in completing the India Navigation set. I've never heard this one before, so I'm looking forward to it.

Tantris said...

Hi sotise - many thanks for this and the other recent posts.

Cheers, T

el goog said...

Hello sotise
Thanks for this sharing, now i'm grabbing a great stuff. much appreciated.

Hi Wallofsound
Yes, two disks with a least information are left. it seems too hard to find them...

Anyway thank you all for minding it.


serviceton said...

Merci sotise, and a tip of the hat to lain.


htakat said...

thanks a lot for this !!

Robin said...

Thanks a lot for this .. Leroy plays a lyrical set in which the the relationships between the pieces is intriguing.

matthew said...

Thanks so much (and for the flac links). This makes today a happy holiday.

marten512 said...

Mr Sotise, thank you, thank you, thank you. Also, isn't this one of the loveliest record sleeves ever?

saintmartin said...

Excellent initiative! I actually attended this concert and remember it clearly. Braxton and Holland were in the audience, and afterwards Braxton went backstage and could be heard saying loudly, "Jenkins, thank you for your beautiful music!"

Andy I said...

Great to get hold of this. Thank you.

SOTISE said...

Flac Pics

kinabalu said...

Thanks for this one and for the invitation to chat with Jenny$$$(19), courtesy of Zippyshare or affiliates ...

serviceton said...

c'mon K - Jenny's a lovely girl once you get to know her - she's studying political science, honours year.
She just lets herself be pimped out by the Zippyshare guys when the week's grocery bills get too tough to make

kinabalu said...

I see a potential for Freudian slips ...

santos curser said...

I had this on vinyl once too.. is this post going to work? (total newb but in awe of the material here ... btw, got any Material?)..