3 November 2008

John Surman/John McLaughlin - Where Fortune Smiles 1970 LP rip

This recording was initially attributed to Surman when it was first released, though McLaughlin was given the credit on the CD reissue.


1. Glancing Backwards (for Junior) - (8:54) (J.Surman)

2. Earth Bound Hearts - (4:15) (J.McLaughlin)

3. Where Fortune Smiles - (4:01) (J.Surman)

4. New Place, Old Place - (10:24) (J.McLaughlin)

5. Hope - (7:19) (J.McLaughlin)

John McLaughlin - guitar

John Surman - soprano & baritone saxes (all except 3.)

Karl Berger - piano (all except 2.)

Dave Holland - bass (all except 2.3.)

Stu Martin - drums (all except 2.3.)

Recorded at Apostolic Studios, New York City, late May 1970. Produced by McLaughlin, Surman, Berger, Martin and Holland.


Boromir said...





Anonymous said...

Great stuff, B! One of my all-time favourite records! Surman's entry on track 1 is the most blistering opening to a solo I think I can remember! And McL's playing on tracks 1, 4 & 5 is hotter than all the later fusion stuff combined. All five guys sounded like they were in grand form on this day.

sotise said...

nice one B, BOTH THIS AND EXTRAPOLATION are wonderful, among my favourites as well,fantastic post!

1009 said...

Beautiful site redesign, btw. I like it quite a bit.

Big Papi said...

Is there a link for Horace Tapscott, "The Giant Is Awakened" ?

Anonymous said...

unfortunately the second and the
third track have some problems...
Anyway,I apreciate very much your
and other's work here at
inconstant(but very constant)sol.
Have a beautiful days.


sotise said...

big pappy
the links to the giant is awakened
were actually posted, in the comments to arthur blythes bushbaby
here are the flac's

mp3 320 's are there if you prefer ..a click on the comments to the post of the tapscott , takes you there!


wightdj said...

I second glmir's rave of this and Extrapolation. The best of McLaughlin,'s output and great sets for Surman. Thanks for sharing.

Steve H said...

Hello! Unfortunately, I have to agree with Horace ... there is some kind of digital distortion on tracks 2 and 3. Could we trouble you to repost clean files? Not if you have to rip from the vinyl again, of course. I think I probably need to just break down and figure out where I can buy this one. Thanks for the great stuff (I'm an Extrapolation fan, hadn't heard this one.

Anonymous said...

sound distorsions, and also several jumps on 3rd track

Looking for the CD

Anonymous said...

There's a clean 320 kbps here (no clicks and a good quality rip). You just need the yandex task bar (which you can disable in firefox after you use it).


tpfkaa said...

Can this re-up? Thanks.

Cri said...

is a re-up possible, please?