29 October 2008

The Trio-live in Göttingen, Germany,12/10/70

Something special.. a wonderful concert by the Trio..One of the great post bop outfits of the late 60’s early 70’s.
Most people, will be familiar enough with the work of John Surman and Barre Phillips both of whom are by now elder statesmen of the European jazz and contemporary improvised music scenes.
Both have carved out significant careers and recorded prolifically coming to prominence among the general listening public through recordings on the ECM label.
Less is known about Stu Martin, who like Phillips was an expat American living in Europe at the time(Phillips lives in France and has done for nearly 30 years).

Stu martin started his career in the late 50’s first appearing with Maynard Ferguson’s Orchestra, by the 60’s he was recording with the likes of,Art Farmer and Lee konitz (a prime example being zo-ko-ma on mps also featuring Phillips,Atilla Zoller and Albert Mangelsdorff).

The trio formed in October 1969 and lasted about two years in which time they recorded the magnificent self titled dawn double lp , and in early 71 ‘Conflagration” still available on the Bgo label.
This concert features a lot of the material from the Dawn set…to my ears even more ferociously driving.
A stunning set in superb sound.
Many thanks to the seeders/traders Jazzrita and to B.

The Trio
Göttingen, Germany,
Centre (later renamed Podium), 1970

John Surman,bs,ss,bcL
Barre Phillips,b
Stu Martin,dr



sotise said...


Mp3 vbr-

sasha said...

Many many thanks...You keep on introducing me to sessions and groups that have completely gone under my radar!! Please keep them coming...

1009 said...

Very cool and thanks, sotise. I really like Surman in this period, esp. the Trio sets & the *How Many Clouds Can You See?* album w/ Oxley.

glmlr said...

Special thanks are due too to Tom Phillips for the remastering job on the original tapes.

folly for to see what said...

Hi here!

Another amazing post, now we can listen more by the early Shurman, the one I like! I still have to listen to it. But I wanted to say thanks for the previous posts, and now that I see Glmlr comment…

MANY THANKS Glmlr and Sotise
The Globe Unity "Improvisations" another always wanted record! The Malfattti Hat Hut! And also the previous clarinet quartet is fantastic…

Also thanks to the dime people!

Michael Griener said...

Stu Martin has become a more and more important drummer for me in the last years. Everybody who has ever seen THE TRIO is still raving about that experience. Does anyone know if there is video footage of this band? I did quite some research but couldn't find a single thing. Can anyone help?

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for the great Anglo-American jazz!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the Trio albums. Great stuff. Been looking for the first album for ages.
Have "Conflagration" on LP.

Anyone got the "By Contact" album?

Thank you again!

1009 said...

Anyone aware of track names for these? Or are they completely improv? (Haven't listened to all of it yet.)

Thad said...

Wow. Amazing performances and great quality to boot. I'm surprised this is a bootleg - sounds like a commercial release. Great editing job!

Dave said...

Splendid site - good to see more European material [ especially the Radio 3 material in other posts]

john said...

thanks; looked-up this one after the reminder in comments on the recent live Trio post. It's good to have these live recordings.

jackalope said...

The links have died. I would be delighted to see this one re-uploaded.

kinabalu said...

New links:


These correspond to cds one and two of this set.

jackalope said...

Now that I've heard it I feel compelled to say, Thanks again! It's one of those I'd say that I wish I was there when it happened. The great respect the audience gave the musicians (perhaps they were in awe as I was so many years later), the ground covered (from raw and fiery to ponderous explorations that often found their way into uniquely beautiful places), Stu's flashy solos, Barre's gentle ones, John's command of every instrument he plays as well as the ability to go into so many emotions and textures with each of them. There is so much here. Well captured too.
With all the fine offerings here I felt a little reluctant to ask for a re-up, but am so glad I did and that Kinabalu kindly re-posted this. And now I know it's best to ask in the "Requests" section of the site.