16 September 2008

The Original MEV-1968 (reissued 1996)

for tantris who posted a great live MEV show some months back.
Heres the 2nd MEV,album from 1968..theres nothing quite like this in the free improvised canon..early AMM is about the only plausible comparison.
this is magnificently raw..the sort of thing that fumblers like sonic youth..do in their spare time when they aren't making lame ass corporate rock albums.
the galling thing is that they have become famous for feedback /noise noodling..and can get highly paid gigs at noise and improv festivals.
while thoughtful and amazing records like this languish in obscurity.

Cello [Amplified] - Jon Phetteplace (tracks: 1 to 4)
Percussion [Amplified], Vocals - Frederick Rzewski* (tracks: 1 to 4)
Synthesizer [Portable] - Allan Bryant
Trumpet, Percussion - Alvin Curran (tracks: 1 to 4)
Notes: Track 1 to 4 recorded live in London in 1968.

1 MEV* Part I (11:23)
2 MEV* Part II (5:40)
3 MEV* Part III (9:05)
4 MEV* Part IV (15:15)
5 Allan Bryant Bug Get Tgethr, Stomp N Flash Dans (11:49)
the last track is a synth solo.

not much evidence of this online ..save for a few second hand copies.

please note , our friend Volkan ..has provided rome cansrt ,from the same year check the comments.
thank you Volkan


sotise said...



Tantris said...

Thanks very much, sotise. This has shot to the top of the to listen to pile.

I recorded from RAI3 an AMM concert from earlier this year, which I'll post here some time soon.

sotise said...

tantris ..
that'd be fabulous ...any AMM, MEV..live material would be appreciated.

the above is not a great recording..but the music is massive ...among my favourite music's ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, gentlemen. Tantris, that AMM you spoke of is of immense interest!

htakat said...

thanks sotise ,this is wonderful

Scott said...

As always, another wonderful post! (I feel like a broken er record.)

Hey, maybe someone can help me. I usually download the mp3 versions you kindly put up. I would like to d/l the FLAC versions, but play my audio files in iTunes. I am curious what FLAC player everyone uses to listen, or do you convert to mp3 or Apple Lossless or what. I don't think my iPod will play FLAC files either. Please forgive the noobie type question, but would be nice to know what everyone does with the FLAC files. Thanks!

Adam said...

@ Tantris

Your AMM recording sounds like a must-have.

@ Scott

FLAC = Winamp (on my laptop). Although FLAC is a free and open source codec there aren't too many portable players using it (only the more expensive ones). I hope this will change soon as it becomes increasingly popular.


Anonymous said...

Owombat says:
Nice to see these early MEV´s here - you have in mind to let their Rome Cansrt follow?
and, you got the liner notes for those as well? i enjoyed them quite a lot, also for their adventurous spelling ...
great blog you have here!
keep it up!
all the best
O. (who does not like to have all too many "accounts")

Anonymous said...

Scott: What do I do with flac? Store a copy firstly on the external hard disc. Then convert a copy of it back to wav using Switch, burn to CDR and listen on the sound system. And keep the CDR.

Volkan Terzioglu said...

It is really very nice to find MEV in sol. Thank you all. I have a couple of MEV's, any oop, whether asked I can provide.
And Tantris this AMM, I have my heart beating up fast since the time read it. It should be fabulous...,

sotise said...

@ scott
the first link under lame is mp3

owombat ..i wish i had a decent copy of the rome concert...i only have a shabby 20 year old tape recording of it!

volkan ..nice to hear from you... i think the rome consrt is out of print ..if you have it id appreciate the upload..

sotise said...

scott ,theres a little program called flac front end ..by the guy who invented the format ...google it you should get to his site..
it enables you to decompress the flac files quickly...
and also compress wav to flac...perfect

Volkan Terzioglu said...
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Scott said...

Thanks for all the responses to my flac question... very helpful!

Anonymous said...

owombat says:
@sotise - i have the rome cansrt.
now what (for upload)?

sotise said...

hey...not quite sure what you are asking.. do you want to upload rome concert?...need some help with the how to?

Volkan Terzioglu said...

I am now uploading the Rome Cansrt. Just a few minutes,
I also have
* "Leave the City" issued from Spalax (FR) SPA 14968
* "The Sound Pool" issued again from Spalax (FR) SPA 14969.
If tey are also oop, I can just upload them.

Volkan Terzioglu said...

Rome Cansrt - irml 04

flac :

mp3 @ 320 :

best from istanbul,

Tantris said...

Volkan - thanks for Rome Canrst.

-- T

sotise said...

Volkan ..thank you so much for uploading rome cansrt ..much appreciated.
i shall edit the post

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Volkan, for the Rome set. The two Spalax sets would be hugely welcome!

Volkan Terzioglu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Volkan Terzioglu said...

Now, comes the MEV "Leave the City" from Spalax (FR) SPA 14968 :
mp3: http://tinyurl.com/3orzq7
flac: http://tinyurl.com/43wpct
Very dense textures, lovely...
Hope you all enjoy,

Volkan Terzioglu said...

And ...
MEV - "Sound Pool" again from Spalax (FR) SPA 14969
mp3: http://tinyurl.com/4kguel
flac 1: http://tinyurl.com/46cout
flac 2: http://tinyurl.com/4qywxa
So, I am leaing for a sailing down to South and it is raining,
hope you all the best...

Anonymous said...

Volkan: You're a champion!! Thank you immensely! Happy sailing! I do a lot of that too - great fun!

sotise said...

thank you Volkan.. have a safe trip down south!

centrifuge said...

thanks all for the interesting stuff on this "thread" :) volkan, vojayiniz kutlu olsun...

amnesia said...

Any chance "The Sound Pool" links could be restored?

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Could anyone re-up these impossible to find out of print MEV classics in FLAC - MEV 1968 / ROME CANRST / LEAVE THE CITY / SOUND POOL they are playing a rare NYC live show next week at the Kitchen and want to listen to them beforehand if I could - help if you can - wish I could pay for flac downloads of these legally but they aren't anywhere to be found - used CD I found of one was at silly price - I'd rather give my money to the band by going to their gig which is what I did


chris_c said...

me too, could someone reup these please?

Anonymous said...

Could anyone re-up these impossible to find out of print MEV classics in FLAC -
MEV 1968

I know Leave The City / Sound Pool are both in print but the above two aren't

also looking for the other out of print MEV

LIVE 1994


both on same label as MEV 1968 / Rome Carnst

Anonymous said...

any chance for a re-up of these impossible to find out of print MEV classics in FLAC - MEV 1968 / ROME CANRST please ? I found an old c90 AD tape of them in a box (Alan Bryant;s track omitted there...how fast goes time sometimes..
thanks for great music
best regards
Alex in Solex

Anonymous said...

filling by myself, my previous request for new links, i took cd rips -artwork included- from a good friend of mine, & share with you all...
these recordings not deserve to lost in oblivion
MEV 1968


enjoy 'em

Alex in Solex